April 9, 2024

How to export LinkedIn post, comments and likes

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Navigating the world of sales can sometimes feel like a maze especially when you need to make sure your outreach messages are personalized from the get go. As sales representatives focus on traditional outreach methods, the engagement they often get on a LinkedIn post becomes a missed opportunity as they pay more attention to LinkedIn search results to form their pipeline instead.

In this blog post, we explore the traditional outreach methods. We also look at LinkedIn as part of your omnichannel experience and how you can use your LinkedIn posts to generate leads that you can export into folk by paying more attention to the people who comment and engage with your posts.

Traditional outreach methods

Traditionally, sales outreach is an outbound sales tactic that includes cold calling, sending cold emails and door-to-door sales. A successful outbound sales tactic typically requires you to know and have:

Unless you personalize your outreach methods, you're going to have a hard time as McKinsey's research suggests. Their survey found that customers want an always-on, personalized omnichannel experience.

Image Credit: McKinsey Global B2B Pulse survey

Their Global B2B Pulse survey revealed that:

  • Omnichannel is more effective than traditional sales models alone.
  • All B2B customers prefer an omnichannel experience. no matter what their industry, country, size or customer relationship stage was.
  • Omnichannel is a path to share growth. So the more channels a sales organization deploys, the bigger the market share gain.
  • Customers wanted more of everything. More channels, mor econvenience and more personalized experience.
  • More B2B buyers are using social media, text and mobile to research and evaluate suppliers.
  • B2B decision makers are using more channels than before to interact with suppliers. Including a mix of email, in-person, phone, supplier website, procurement, mobile app, and more.
Image Credit: McKinsey Global B2B Pulse Survey

That's why leveraging what content people interact with on your social media channels is a powerful driver. This inlcudes posts people commented and liked.

Modern outreach methods using LinkedIn

Preparing your LinkedIn profile

Before you start posting on LinkedIn, it's crucial to make sure your LinkedIn profile is ready. Otherwise, you risk coming across as spam even if your outreach message is strong. To optimize your LinkedIn profile, there are three easy steps you can action right away which include:

  • Filling in your LinkedIn profile: This includes doing simple things such as making sure you have a professional photo, you have a clear headline and summary about what you do.
  • Build a strong network: This includes adding LinkedIn connections, and nurturing genuine business relationships with people.
  • Build a personal brand: This includes posting relevant content that you want to become known for. Think about why people might want to connect with you.

We go into more detail on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile here. There are also some LinkedIn messaging templates you can use for your outreach methods.

What should you start posting on LinkedIn?

Once you've got some LinkedIn connections, and have some LinkedIn data on the types of posts that work for you. You can start posting content to target some specific LinkedIn profiles. The main thing at the beginning is to experiment with the type of posts you publish. To do so, you'll need to have an idea of your ideal customer profile and a strong personal brand. You'll then be able to start generating leads on LinkedIn by exporting commentors on a LinkedIn post.

How to export your LinkedIn post comments and likes

For this step to work, you'll need to have a folk account. If you don't already have one, you can try folk for free. It's useful for your tracking your outreach efforts, inbound marketing campaigns, recruitment and more.

folk's CRM system can sync contacts from LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook and more.

Once you've got your folk account set up, simply

  1. Go on a LinkedIn post.
  2. Export LinkedIn comments
  3. Import them into folk.

Once your LinkedIn contacts are in folk, you will be able to

  1. Enrich the contacts and fill in missing contact information in one click.
  2. Set up an email sequence and get help personalizing it with 'Magic Field', folk's AI feature.
  3. Monitor your email campaign results.


Still using traditional outreach methods? Try using the engagement that you get from your LinkedIn posts, instead. You can use both your LinkedIn company page and personal LinkedIn profile to create engaging posts. If you're stuck on inspiration, you can do a LinkedIn search of other professionals in your field and explore topics that people with a large LinkedIn account do. Once you start seeing results from your LinkedIn post, you can export contacts to folk and automate your email sequences. Try folk today, free and start streamlining the way you interact LinkedIn search results and LinkedIn users.

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