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built for LinkedIn

Get the most out of all the connections stored
in your LinkedIn


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Import LinkedIn profiles with a single click

A single click can bring an entire list of profiles straight into folk as new contacts, with our Chrome extension: no copy-paste needed

Convert more with Sales Navigator

Power up SalesNav by bringing all your prospects into folk with a few clicks, and converting them all in one place

Sync interactions from LinkedIn

Bring your LinkedIn messages into folk in one go, so you keep the full context on all your relationships

Send ultra-personalized emails in bulk & track results

Reach out to entire lists of contacts with the right message, at the right time, and monitor the campaign results

Manage pipelines
like a pro

Easily build a drag-and-drop pipeline in minutes to keep track of all your deals and processes

How to export LinkedIn contacts?

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What are the best extensions for LinkedIn?

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by closers

Morgan (founder)
Sparkmate, venture studio
“We’re here to build relationships and folk is the only way for us to keep track of a large volume of people without relying on impersonal automations.”
folk for investors
Elisa (partnerships)
Slite, B2B Startup
“It’s so easy for me to keep track, and I make sure to set reminders to follow up with prospective partners so they don't fall through the cracks.”
folk for partnerships
Hugo (CEO)
Nextra, consulting firm
"Prospecting takes multiple forms: reach out to someone, meet at an event, get introduced, word of mouth... folk helps us capture all of this."
folk for sales
Luc (founder)
Monette, digital agency
“folk is simple and flexible enough to evolve with the way we collaborate as a team. We used to rely mainly on inbound and word-of-mouth. And now folk helps also with prospecting.”
folk for agencies
Olivier (founder)
Pingfluence, influence agency
“We’re wearing a lot of hats and, at our agency, we need to. My CRM organization needs to be streamlined and easy to use. That's why we love folk.”
folk for sales