How to Export LinkedIn Contacts

LinkedIn has become a hub for business relationships: it’s truly an amazing source of contact information. Yet, LinkedIn is missing a CRM to manage all those details.

What if contact data could be leveraged to build more robust relationships?

There is a way. Export all your connections in CSV and import them to a real CRM: folk.

💽 Exporting all my LinkedIn Connections

To export all your LinkedIn connections at any time, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the LinkedIn home page and click on your profile on the top right hand corner
  • Click on the Settings & Privacy section in the drop-down menu
  • Go to the DATA PRIVACY and click on “Get a copy of your data”
  • Select “Connections” and request an archive
  • Enter your password and Click Done
  • You’ll shortly receive an email to your Primary Email address with a link to download the file

Please note that some of the email addresses may be missing. The email address will only be displayed for connections that have allowed others to see this information.

🚚 Importing the Connections into folk

Then, in order to import all these connections to folk, you simply need to go to and follow these constructions:

  • Create a new group
  • Choose to import a CSV file
  • Map the right column to the correct fields with our CSV importer

You can now harness all the power of our CRM to:

  • Add custom fields such as tags, country, address, birthday, industry, or anything else
  • Send personalized emails to these contacts, in bulk, using Messages
  • Following up with and track connections by adding comments, reminders and creating custom pipelines accordingly

Export and activate your Linkedin Contact now, try folk.

A CRM users actually love

Whenever we get in touch with a new or existing contact, we register it on folk.

Cynthia Castelli

Project Manager at WPMarmite

We centralize and organize all the people we collaborate with on folk – from partners to clients. The tool really helped us sort out our long list of partners and the user-friendly interface makes it easier to activate our contacts as a team.

Simon hamelin

Founder at Lumeeo

We use folk to create value for our portfolio companies and easily make introductions between the experts in our network and the founders

David domingues

Investor at Techmind

For any major communication campaign, entrepreneurs at eFounders can leverage a network of journalists and influencers that we have built over the years and that is constantly updated by us


Content Manager at eFounders