June 10, 2022

How to keep track of your eSignatures with Yousign + folk

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Contracts are the foundation of any business. They often mark major milestones, such as a new hire, the closing of a new client, a new fundraising event or a finalized partnership. Accelerated by the pandemic, most of our work has moved online in recent years, and contracts are no exception. eSignature tools are popping up everywhere, and among the lot is Yousign.

When managing multiple contracts, it’s easy for companies to lose of that word document you trying to get signed. “Has the Partner Program manager signed the contract?”, “Who are the angels that haven’t completed the fundraising doc?”, “How many clients are closed as of this week?”

All this data lives on your eSignature tool. And the solution to restoring order to it? Yousign + folk. Let us explain.

Stay on top of your e-signatures without any manual input

The folk + Yousign integration is one of our most exciting yet. Through Zapier, connect Yousign directly to your folk CRM so you can easily stay on top of documents. Here are just a few of the benefits of automating your e-signature tracking:

  • Gain time: instead on manually updating your CRM, allow the Yousign x Folk integration to update it for you.
  • Stay up to date: keep your whole team up-to-date on advancements on contracts in a single view.
  • Follow up: set reminders to follow up with contacts that haven’t finalized the signature process.

Leverage Yousign + folk for your specific needs

There are many ways you can harness folk’s Yousign integration. Here’s a few:

  • 🕵️‍♂️ Recruitment: when a candidate signs a document, automatically update their status on folk and attach the link to the recruitment contract.
  • 👊🏼 Fundraising: when an angel signs a fundraising document, move their card across the fundraising pipeline... all that’s missing is the wire!
  • 🤖 Sales: when new clients are signed, move them to close automatically with the integration so the whole team can stay up to date.
  • Partnerships: when closing a new partnership, keep track of signed contracts all throughout the process.

There are of course many other ways to use Yousign + folk. We’d love to hear yours!

How do I connect Yousign to folk?

If you haven’t already, start off by creating a folk account. folk is a customizable CRM that you can leverage for your specific needs.

Then create a group, for example, named “Signatories” on folk. From this group page, just click on “Connect an integration”.

Zapier integration of Yousign and folk

Select the trigger

If you haven’t already got a Zapier account, you’ll need to create one and start the free trial. Here is a quick overview on how to use Zapier.

From your Zapier account, search for Yousign as the Trigger app for the new Zap, and from the Trigger Event dropdown pick Form Submission. Choose Yousign.

Then just select the trigger (which will trigger an automation to start)

  • App: Yousign
  • Trigger Event: Signer Done
  • Connect your Yousign account to Zapier
Setup of Yousign Zap on folk

Set up the action

Now, use Zapier to send the new data sent from Yousign directly to your folk account.

You need to set up an action for that.

  • App: folk
  • Action: Create contact
  • Connect your folk account using your API key (you can find it on your folk settings)

To link the info from Yousign to an existing person, select “Create person” as an action.

Setup of Yousign Zap on folk

You’ll then need to map the data obtained through Yousign directly to your fields in folk, be it contacts details or custom fields already created in the group.

This should look like this:

Setup of folk Zap

And that’s it! You can test your Zap before turning it on. And enjoy your life while all your eSignatures are up to date on folk.

Leverage these signatories within folk Exploring the features

You can then track all your agreements within folk, be it in a table or a pipeline view.

Using folk for eSignatures

Easily update your team by adding others to your network or add yourself a reminder to follow up with a person.

Adding comments o folk

If in need, just hit send message to follow-up with people who haven’t yet signed.

Sending emails using folk

Now all you have to do is signup on folk and start tracking your eSignatures with Yousign.