June 14, 2022

Best LinkedIn Chrome Extensions in 2022

LinkedIn is a hub for business relationships. The social network is an invaluable source for contact data, yet it is oftentimes hard to exploit.

Whatever your goal- fundraising, recruitments, sales & more - Chrome extensions can be crucial in helping you get the most out of your LinkedIn data.

Let’s review some of the best Chrome extensions you can use to harness your LinkedIn data in 2022.


Lempod helps you increase engagement on your posts by allowing you to join pods.

LinkedIn boosts posts based on the engagement they are generating. When you join a pod, members of that pod will comment and like your posts to boost engagements.

You can choose pods based on industry that are relevant to the type of content you’re publishing.


folkX is a folk.app extension that allows you to build your own CRM on top of LinkedIn. It empowers users to save any LinkedIn profile or LinkedIn advanced search results directly to their folk account.

Once on folk, you can use tags, views and filters to leverage contact lists created from LinkedIn with your team.

With folkX, you can avoid the hassle of copy-pasting and save time prospecting, hiring, fundraising and more.


Hunter allows you to find professional email addresses from LinkedIn profiles by simply searching the company domain name (ex: amazon.com) . It empowers you to reach out to the contacts that matter most to you.

What’s more, Hunter allows you to find email addresses based on the website you visit.


The Lusha Chrome extension enables you to instantly gain B2B contact information on leads, contacts, and candidates, wherever you work: Hubspot, LinkedIn or anywhere else.

Specifically on LinkedIn,  Lusha enables you to obtain contact and company information on any prospects you’re searching for. You can enrich data on any prospect directly on their LinkedIn profile page, or you can choose to bulk enrich multiple prospects on LinkedIn people search and on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Shield Analytics

Shield equips you with all your analytics for LinkedIn. Check your views, reactions, comments, and engagement rate, and follow your growth month after month. You can connect with your audience and understand who's consuming your content, what they do, and where they come from.

You can also view team leaderboards and see your top performers and best posts, making it great for collaborative work as teams or agencies.


Leadjet enables you to connect LinkedIn with your CRM for all your sales activities - from HubSpot, to Salesforce, Pipedrive, Copper and Salesloft.

One of its most powerful features is that it enables you to synchronize LinkedIn conversations straight from a prospect to your LinkedIn, in addition to creating and enriching contacts and finding qualified emails and phone numbers.

Whatever your needs- sales, recruitment or other- make sure to harness LinkedIn’s contact data with the variety of Chrome extensions out there: from analytics with Shield, engagement with Lempod to an all-round CRM with folk.

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