June 8, 2022

Chrome extensions to boost your productivity

Alessia Armenise
Brand & Content manager

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There are more than 2 billion Chrome users in the world. With the rise of remote working and productivity tools, many spend most of their days on the browser.

In this new environment, where work and personal life often mix, Chrome extensions are playing a big part in creating better ways to get work done. Chrome extensions allow users to work directly from the browser, limiting context switching to create fewer distractions, making them valuable assets in preserving focus and boosting productivity.

To help you choose your productivity Chrome extensions wisely, we gathered all the tools that team folk swears by.

Extensions map

Check your spelling

Writing dozens of emails a day, press releases, blog posts, FAQ entries and slack messages – nobody has time to read and re-read their texts to check that the spelling of every document is flawless. Thankfully, there are a few Chrome extensions that can be added for free to your collection, so you don't make the same mistakes over and over again. Grammarly and Ginger are great spelling checkers for English speakers, but a few options are starting to pop up for other languages, such as MerciApp, Antidote and Cordial for French speakers. Google dictionary is also a good extension to download for wordsmiths.

Take screenshots and record videos in one click

An image (or a video) is worth a thousand words. Whether you have to remember something you have seen, you have to explain a complex concept to one of your colleagues or clients, or you have to create a visual guide for your FAQ page or your blog, there are a couple of Chrome extensions that can change your work life for the better. Tango and Loom are super easy to use Chrome extensions that allow you to capture your workflow. Markup Hero is a Chrome extension for scrolling screenshots. Capture an entire page, add arrows, text, blur, highlights, and signatures, and share it with your entire team

Sort out your contacts

Regardless of the business area we are in, contacts are always one of our best assets. Constantly updating your contacts lists, remembering important dates, events or specific information about all the people you work with is a job in itself. With folk, you can use a LinkedIn extension that allows you to save all the information available about a LinkedIn profile directly on your folk account, in just one click – saving you time and making it easy to find new prospects and to develop your network. Streak is an extension that lives directly on your Gmail account, helping you streamline your emails.

Never forget your passwords

We have all been there, spending many precious minutes trying to remember passwords, only to get locked out of the platform we are trying to access after too many failed attempts and proceed to change the password yet again. Chrome extensions like 1Password, LastPass, and Dashlane allow you to save as many passwords as you need and allow you to share them all with your team in a safe virtual vault – you only need to remember the password to access the extension of your choice. One password to rule them all.

Create a reading list

Do you remember that article you really wanted to read last week? If the answer is no, then you probably need a little help organizing your reading list. The internet is full of interesting content that can help you improve and evolve in your business and in your personal life, it would be a shame to miss a chance to learn something. Chrome extensions like Pocket and Notion allow you to save any type of content from anywhere on the web and keep it for later.

Organize your time

Gone are the days when you were double booking your time, forgetting events and struggling to find the right link to join calls. Chrome extensions, such as Calendly or Koalendar, help you and your team keep on top of your meetings, save time and better organize your workflows.

Create snippets to save time

Spending most of your time writing the same things over and over again? No problem, Chrome extensions like TextBlaze help you cut time out monotonous tasks that can easily be automated. Just write down the sentences (or even the emojis) that you use the most and you will be able to easily create shortcuts to use on any writing program, from emails to Word documents.

Stay focused

Staying focus is one of the biggest challenges of any desk job. Social media, slack notifications, new emails, catch-ups, the internet – all these things can be a distraction and it can be difficult to stay on track. Chrome extensions such as Momentum allow users to set their intentions for the day and write to-do lists; Stay focused blocks websites that might be a distraction; Noisli helps you concentrate thanks to background sounds and Tide uses the Pomodoro Technique to help you better manage your time.

Manage tasks

Who doesn't love a to-do list? With productivity Chrome extensions like Taskade and Todoist you will never have to buy a notebook again. Just click on your Chrome bar and add checklists, notes and tasks. With Taskade, you can even tag your colleagues and share your to-do lists with them.

Handle your social media

If your job involves working with social media platforms, there are a few Chrome extensions that can save you a lot of time. The first one to download is Buffer, which allows you to schedule your content at once so you don't have to worry about it every day. If Twitter is your thing, then Giphy's extension is the solution for a never-ending supply of GIFs.