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June 17, 2024

10 LinkedIn alternatives in 2024

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LinkedIn has long been the go-to platform for professional networking, job hunting, and business development. With hundreds of million users worldwide, it has become a crucial tool for individuals and companies looking to expand their network and build a personal brand in their industry. However, several new platforms have emerged, offering unique features and advantages complimenting LinkedIn. Whether you're looking for networking events, professional networking platforms, or B2B networking opportunities, there are now many alternatives to explore. In this blog post, we’ll dive into some of the top LinkedIn alternatives in 2024.

3 benefits of LinkedIn in 2024

There are still some benefits you can get from one of the world's largest professional networking platform. LinkedIn is a great place to meet:

  1. Key decision makers in a sales process,
  2. People in and outside of your industry,
  3. Build a personal brand.

However, if you're looking for something a little more niche, we've rounded up some of the best LinkedIn alternatives below. It  includes different social media platform based on your profession, events platforms based on whether you're looking to grow your local social network or new career opportunities and more.

Best alternatives for in-person networking events

While you can use LinkedIn to plan an in-person event, there are some platforms that have a wider reach if you're looking for more new comers and something a little different. Below are three of the best alternatives we've rounded up.

1. Eventbrite

Best for: In-person and online events

Eventbrite is a popular platform that is a great place to look for professional events and ones to go to in your down time. There's something for everyone. You can use Eventbrite to find local or global events – and filter these based on your interests such as:

  • Business to find networking events with like minded people
  • Music
  • Night life
  • Performing and visual arts
  • Holidays and more.

You can also use Eventbrite to host your own in-person event. You can set up your event page to accept payments via Stripe and set the ticket price. You'll be able to choose between free or set a custom price for each ticket.

2. Luma

Best for: In-person and online events in tech

If you're looking for networking events specifically in the tech industry, than Luma is for you. There are niche events tailored for investors, startups, founders and more depending on your area of interest. Similar to Eventbrite, in Luma, you can find events based on your current location, or if you're planning an upcoming business trip – you can check out some events in featured cities across Europe, America and South East Asia. You can also host your own virtual or in-person event. Luma also gives you the option to subscribe to calendars by event organizers so you'll always know if there's a particular event going on.

Best alternatives for professional networking site

3. The Dots

Best for: Creatives

The Dots is a great LinkedIn alternative for creatives. You can use the platform to find new job opportunities and network. They have job postings for everyone including freelancers, remote jobs or full time job seekers. There's a space in your profile on The Dots specifically for your portfolio, making it a great way for people to get to know your aesthetic.

4. Angel List

Best for: Investors and startups who are fundraising

Angel List was built specifically for investors, startups and fund managers. You can use the platform to network, invest and raise funds. If you're a startup, you can create a page where you can manage your fundraising, cap table and more. If you're an investor, you can use Angel List to invest in deals alongside VCs. For fund managers, it provides an option to fundraise publicly, accept new capital and start investing.

5. ExitFive

Best for: B2B marketers

ExitFive is a membership platform designed to help B2B marketers network and learn. It's a great platform where you can get career advice, feedback on live projects and be part of a close knit community. With your membership you get access to exclusive content and can choose to ask the community some questions anonymously. They also have their own job listings with openings curated for B2B professionals in the Exit Five community. You can use their job search filter to look for specific job openings such as remote roles and choose which countries and salary band you're after.

7. Facebook groups

Best for: Niche communities

Facebook groups are an underrated resource for job listings and finding a community – especially if you work remotely, are in a niche space, are after some advice or want to meet local professionals in your area. A lot of groups are still active and can provide a safe space if you want to ask questions anonymously. Watch out for ones that do not have any community rules and often have self-advertising posts.

Best alternatives for B2B contact bases

8. folk

Best for: all-in-one CRM for LinkedIn

Even though LinkedIn is a great platform, it lacks a CRM that can give you a quick overview of when you last interacted with someone and a place for you to keep all your notes on each contact you meet. Fortunately, folk is an all-in-one CRM that can support multiple business functions alongside some powerful features built specifically to integrate your LinkedIn network seamlessly with its very own CRM. Expect features that let you import LinkedIn search lists in 1-click and turn your engagement into warm leads.



LinkedIn is a great platform to network with professionals, but if you're looking for something a little different there are a lot of alternatives out there for you to explore depending on your industry and profession. The options listed above all offer unique features and benefits tailored to specific networking needs. Whether you’re looking to attend networking events, join a professional networking platform, or explore B2B opportunities we're sure you'll find the best alternative for you, or have something to complement your LinkedIn networking efforts.

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