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June 24, 2024

What is a digital rolodex?

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If you're always out networking, staying organized and keeping on top of all the contact information you get from business cards you've received during the events can feel impossible. But a good customer relationship management platform (CRM) – also known as the modern rolodex can help you manage your new business contacts on top of other details that matter to help you build a strong business relationship.

What is a digital rolodex

Remember the good old days where a rolodex was all you needed to store someone's contact information? A lot has changed since the rolodex was first invented in 1956 by the Founder of the Zephyr American corporation – a stationary manufacturer in New York founded by Arnold Neustadter and his friend Hildaur Neilsen, a Danish engineer. It had a rotary card system that allowed you to shift between cards quickly, and also gave the option for removable cards when it was time for you to organize your card file.

These days, a digital rolodex –also known as a CRM, is the modern day answer to that. CRMs helps you stay on top of small details including when you last interacted with someone, instead of relying on a post it note that accidentally went missing.

folk is one such CRM

Instead of writing something down somewhere and forgetting it, a CRM is often packed with useful features that can help you stay organized day to day, and recall important details that matter to your new business contact.

Key features of a good CRM include:

  • Contact Management: Store and organize detailed contact information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles.
  • Integration: Sync with email accounts, calendars, and other applications to ensure information is always up-to-date.
  • Search and Filter: Quickly find contacts using advanced search and filter options.
  • Notes and History: Keep track of past interactions, meeting notes, and other relevant information.

5 use cases for a CRM

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system goes beyond just storing contacts. It enhances how businesses operate and engage with their clients. If you haven't used a CRM before, here's why you might consider it.

1. Sales Management

CRMs help sales teams track leads, manage sales pipelines, and monitor the progress of deals. With detailed insights into customer interactions, sales representatives can tailor their approach to close deals more effectively and efficiently.

2. Customer Support

CRMs provide a centralized database where support teams can access customer information and interaction history. This enables them to deliver personalized and efficient customer service, resolving issues more quickly and improving customer satisfaction.

3. Marketing Campaigns

By integrating with marketing tools, CRMs allow businesses to segment their audience and run targeted campaigns. Tracking engagement and analyzing campaign performance becomes easier, enabling marketers to refine their strategies and increase ROI.

4. Client Onboarding

For businesses that require a structured onboarding process, CRMs can automate and streamline this workflow. This ensures new clients have a smooth and consistent experience, which can help in building long-term relationships.

5. Collaboration

CRMs enable teams to collaborate more effectively by providing a shared platform where information is easily accessible. This fosters better communication, reduces silos, and ensures everyone is on the same page regarding client interactions and project statuses.


It might be time for you to upgrade from that physical rolodex if you're having a hard time keeping up with everyone's new telephone numbers without having to go through each business card one by one. The modern day answer to that is a CRM. Don't forget to look for one that is compatible with your modern tech stack – such as folk. folk has a generous 14 day free trial so you can start building a contact list digitally. The best thing about it? Its known for a user friendly experience unlike many other products who would require a steep learning curve. Try folk today, free.

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