May 21, 2024

Close CRM review

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Looking to replace your sales engagement customer relationship management tool? Close CRM, often referred to simply as, promises a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for sales teams looking for CRM software to streamline their operations and boost productivity. In this blog post, we review's key features, pros, and cons and ability in providing sales professionals with insights to help you determine if it's the right tool for your needs.

What is

Best for: Sales workflow, sales pipeline and sales automation is a CRM tool designed for a sales team. It focuses on communication and workflow efficiency to help sales professionals close deals faster. There are integrated features available that can support different parts of the sales cycle including outbound, direct customer engagement and sales process automation.

Key features

  • Built-in call assistant: Automatically transcribes and summarizes every phone call made by sales reps,
  • Set tasks: Create tasks for yourself and other team members within leads,
  • Workflow automation: Simplifies repetitive tasks with automation tools,
  • Pipeline reporting: Keep an overview of your pipeline health and fix leaks with the Sales Funnel Report. Great for opportunity management and lead management,
  • Quick KPI reports: Analyze your team's workflows and KPIs through real-time data.


  • User friendly for sales teams: Includes features such as an intuitive dashboard, custom fields, and extensive sales automation tools like predictive dialers and automatic call transcriptions​,
  • Team collaboration: From user comparisons to note taking, your sales team.


  • Sales focus: As a sales engagement CRM it's great, but for teams looking for a CRM that can accomodate multiple business functions is limtiting,
  • Limited customization: While it offers many features for sales teams, there's limited room for customization compared to other CRMs.

Price point

Compared to other CRM options, can be on the pricier side, particularly for smaller teams or startups. A 14 day free trial is available.

Prices start from $59 per user, per month on the lowest tier called the startup plan. Their mid-tier plan is a professional plan that starts from $109 per user, per month. The enterprise subscription plans are from $149 per user, per month.

A closer look at

Below we take a closer look at Close CRM's productivity tools, features and ability to support an entire team of sales professionals.

Mail Merge's email functionality syncs across Gmail and Outlook. It allows users to send bulk emails to specific leads, customize the time sent and track engagement. You can also use email automation to streamline your outreach methods by setting triggers, using templates or tracking cadences.

It can also:

  • Automatically sync all your email communications with a contact and connect to your Google calendar,
  • Allow you to add email attachments when emailing a lead,
  • Set up outbound email without inbound email tracking.

Cold calling has a call feature that changes your outgoing caller ID number, reduces dial tones, busy signals and phone number search time which is useful for outreach methods such as cold calling.

The following cold calling functions are available:

  • Predictive dialer,
  • One-click voicemails through existing numbers,
  • Global prospecting and,
  • A way to track and record calls to help create reports.

Contact Management

You can manually add a contact to a lead in Close and filter them by attributes to find specific contacts with a particular job title, name email or contact number.

Custom fields

Custom fields are available and can be used to create attributes about potential leads and contacts by industry, company size or timezone.

Pipeline Management calls this 'lead visibility' in their platform. They allow you to control which leads different users can see to help your team prioritize. Close CRM can also collect all of your communication history with a Lead within one view, as well as allow you to communicate with your Leads in a number of different ways in both B2B and B2C.

Under each lead, you can create separate:

  • Tasks,
  • Opportunities,
  • Contacts,
  • Custom fields.

You can also see each separate activity in a single lead's profile as seen below.

Sales automation features

Automation in supports multi-channel sales outreach methods through workflow setups.This includes predefined workflows that can trigger emails, call reminders, and task assignments, reducing the manual effort required in follow-ups.

There are features that can help you:

  • Prospect a single lead at a time,
  • Revive a cold lead,
  • Create dynamic smart views by priority lead data.

Workflow Process

The workflow process in is streamlined to reduce clutter and focus on sales activities, enhancing productivity and reducing time spent on administrative tasks. You can also use third party applications such as Zapier to create more workflows that integrate with sales force automation.

Their workflow process supports cold outreach including:

  • Email engagement,
  • Calls,
  • SMS steps,
  • Email templates.

Marketing Automation Features

Close is primarily a sales-focused CRM, so it doesn't really have any basic marketing automation tools. You may need a separate tool that helps bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams.


Close CRM is a great CRM for sales teams. There are a lot of useful sales focused features that can help your team streamline their workflow and collaborate closely. However, small or medium sized businesses may have to get separate CRM platforms for their marketing, recruitment, customer support team, and more. Which might be a steep investment especially for small businesses. As for the best CRM for that, we suggest folk. It has affordable pricing plans and can support sales processes, your customer support team, recruitment pipelines, fundraising needs and more.

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