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AI Cold calls script generator

Generate AI-based script for your cold calls, to make sure you can convince the prospects by finding the right pain points to insist on, sell your solution and end up growing your revenue.

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Master the art of discovery calls with our in-depth guide, where we delve into the essentials of preparing, conducting, and following up on discovery calls, a crucial component of the sales process. Learn how to research potential clients' pains, craft effective questions, and avoid common pitfalls, while building rapport and actively listening to understand client needs.

Conclude with actionable takeaways to close your next deal.

Use folk to take notes on your discovery calls

folk lets you take notes on your discovery calls in one single place

1. Create a magic field

Magic fields are AI-based fields you can create in folk to generate custom data for your candidates, such as a custom recruitment email, taking into account custom contacts information (name, job title, job position)

2. Fill the prompt

Fill the prompt in order for the information to be really personalized, asking AI to take into account in the prompt custom data about each candidate like {first name}, {company}, {job title}, and more

3. Generate magic field

Just click on generate and AI will generate the custom information you have asked for

4. Get results

Review the results in a table format and change them as you wish

5. Use them in an email

Leverage the data you have generated to send an email directly from folk

6. Track results

Track open, clicked and replies all in one place on folk