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Our free Personalized Recruitment Email Generator makes it easy to create customized recruitment emails that will help you stand out to potential candidates. Powered by GPT, this tool generates a personalized email for you in seconds, based on just a few pieces of information you provide.

Crafting personalized recruitment emails with this free tool shows multiple benefits: It helps save time as there is no need anymore to spend hours crafting the perfect email. It helps increase response rate as personalized emails make candidates more likely to respond to the outreach. 

Only a few variables need being inputed: Your name as a recruiter, the subject of the role you're recruiting for, the name of the candidate, and the tone you need to adopt. 

Feel free to customize it further if needed. If you need to do it in batch (prepare personalized emails for multiple candidates at once, there is a tutorial below on how to do it using folk & AI).

Use folk to generate recruitement emails in bulk

folk lets you generate recruitment emails in bulk with AI, then send them and track results in one place

1. Create a magic field

Magic fields are AI-based fields you can create in folk to generate custom data for your candidates, such as a custom recruitment email, taking into account custom contacts information (name, job title, job position)

2. Fill the prompt

Fill the prompt in order for the information to be really personalized, asking AI to take into account in the prompt custom data about each candidate like {first name}, {company}, {job title}, and more

3. Generate magic field

Just click on generate and AI will generate the custom information you have asked for

4. Get results

Review the results in a table format and change them as you wish

5. Use them in an email

Leverage the data you have generated to send an email directly from folk

6. Track results

Track open, clicked and replies all in one place on folk