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Introducing the Free Email Generator powered by AI

Our free email generator powered by GPT is the ultimate tool for people looking to save time and resources while reaching out to people with a new email. Whether you're a small business owner looking to hire your first employee, a sales person looking to close its next deal or a startup founder looking for external investors, our email generator can help you streamline your process and close your next opportunity.

With our email generator, you'll be able to create customized emails that speak directly to your target audience. By personalizing each message to the needs and interests of your potential candidates, you'll be able to increase engagement and build stronger relationships with top prospects. Plus, our tool allows you to eliminate the need to write  emails from scratch, saving you valuable time and resources that can be better spent on other important tasks.

But that's not all. Our email generator also helps you create more professional and compelling messages that stand out from the competition. By using the power of GPT, our tool can generate emails that are not only grammatically correct and error-free but also persuasive and engaging.

Try out our free email generator today and see how it can transform your outreach process. From improving response rates to boosting your chances of finding the right fit for your organization, our tool is a must-have for ambitious professionals.

If you liked it and would like to do it in bulk, you can follow the steps explained below.

Why using AI to generate emails?

High email conversion
AI boosts email conversions by tailoring content to user behavior patterns and optimizing send times and subject lines for personalized and timely engagement.
Fully customized
AI facilitates the creation of personalized emails by analyzing user data to discern preferences, enabling targeted content and enhancing engagement.
Write faster
AI accelerates email writing with smart algorithms, swiftly generating content and providing suggestions through efficient natural language processing.


Follow-up emails
AI aids in efficient email follow-ups by suggesting personalized content, enhancing the overall responsiveness and effectiveness of communication.
Recruitment email
AI streamlines recruitment email composition by analyzing candidate profiles, suggesting personalized content, and optimizing language to enhance engagement and communication effectiveness.
Nurturing sequences
AI facilitates the creation and nurturing of email sequences by automating content generation, optimizing messaging based on recipient interactions, and ensuring a personalized and effective communication flow.
Cold outbound
AI improves cold outbound emails by analyzing recipient data, tailoring personalized content, and optimizing language to enhance engagement and increase the effectiveness of outreach campaigns.

Use folk to generate emails in bulk

folk lets you generate email in bulk leveraging the power of AI and send them from folk

1. Create a magic field

Magic fields are AI-based fields you can create in folk to generate custom data for your contacts, such as an email, taking into account custom contacts information (name, job title, etc)

2. Fill the prompt

Fill the prompt in order for the information to be really personalized, asking AI to take into account in the prompt custom data about each contact like {first name}, {company}, {job title}, and more

3. Generate magic field

Just click on generate and AI will generate the custom information you have asked for

4. Get results

Review the results in a table format and change them as you wish

5. Use them in an email

Leverage the data you have generated to send an email directly from folk

6. Track results

Track open, clicked and replies all in one place on folk