June 9, 2022

How WPMarmite organizes its partners efficiently

Alessia Armenise
Brand & Content manager

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WPMarmite's goal is to help anybody understand and use WordPress to make the most of what the tool has to offer. The company helps anyone working on WordPress choose themes, plugins, secure their websites, improve their SEO and launch their online stores as well as providing educational content and specialist training.

Cynthia Castelletti, International project manager at WPMarmite, and her team use folk in their daily work-life to easily and effectively organize, centralize and activate their partners' contacts as a team.

A single hub for all your partners' contacts

For WPMarmite to create an incredible amount of value for their customers, they have to work with a high number of partners – often scattered around the world, working in different timezones – while addressing multiple and varied projects at the same time.

WPMarmite uses folk to keep all their partners' data organized. They categorize their contacts into groups and add all important information in the shared space that works as a single source of truth for the whole team.

"Whenever we're in touch with a new or existing contact, we register it in Folk, keeping in mind that each useful detail must be specified. This way, if we want to know what happened or what's happening, we can find the answer right away and we can keep on updating our contacts' info in a fast and easy manner."

Keep your team on top of the workflow

Collaboration is a pivotal part of reaching a common goal. For WPMarmite, managing big projects involving different parties can be tricky, especially when working with multiple teams in different locations. folk is a collaborative tool that helps you make sure that everyone in your team is always on top of the projects they are working on and aware of what other people in the various teams involved are doing.

"Being able to easily coordinate our projects as a team is extremely important for us. folk is accessible to the whole team so it makes it easier for us to go and check there instead of having to ask "hey, did you send that email to XXX?" or "Did XXX get back to you about this?". We avoid the risk of contacting someone for the same thing or for the wrong reason."

Always find the partners you need for a job, in seconds

WPMarmite team works on many different projects – spanning from online courses, newsletters, and social media content to blog articles and more. When a new project arises, they need to find the right partner for the job, in seconds. folk allows them to have all the contacts and information they need in one easy-to-use tool so they can leverage tags and filters to find the right partners.

"We keep the groups filled with information and comments even after the project has come to an end so we have the data collected in folk for future reference and we don't forget the links that a specific contact has with various projects."

folk is there to help you better organize your work. Learn more about using folk for partnerships here.