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January 31, 2024

Pipedrive review

Alessia Armenise
Brand & Content manager

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Looking for a new CRM? Not sure whether Pipedrive or folk is right for you? Fret not!

In this blog post, we’ll give you a quick overview of Pipedrive, and talk about their main target audience. We’ll also do an in-depth review of its capabilities as a CRM, covering its:

  • Integrations
  • Price
  • Pipeline management
  • Email marketing capabilities
  • Collaboration capabilities 
  • Limitations 

Let’s get started.

Quick overview of Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM designed by salespeople, for salespeople to help them manage their sales process. Their story began in 2010 in an Estonian garage. Since then, they’ve grown rapidly and have over 850+ employees globally.  

Ppedrive's CRM interface

Who is Pipedrive for?

Pipedrive was designed by salespeople, for salespeople. 

This CRM was built specifically for small and medium-sized companies so that they can track their sales pipeline, manage leads and automate the entire sales process.

Key features

  • Sales-driven features designed by a sales team for salespeople
  • Workflow automation 
  • Affordable price plans 


  • API access available for full customization
  • Customizable chatbot you can use to get new leads from your website 
  • Automation that helps you fill in fields as you type 


  • May be too sales-focused for those who need a more well-rounded CRM
  • Short 14-day trial plan, not the most affordable CRM for something very sales-driven 
  • Expect to face a learning curve if you’re new to CRMs

Pipedrive review

Let’s take a closer look at Pipedrive and explore its capabilities.


Pipedrive has what it calls a third-party application marketplace. It gives you access to popular integrations such as Slack, Mailchimp, and It can also give you access to a wider range of integrations through Zapier. 

Price plans

Pipedrive offers a tiered pricing structure. People can choose between a monthly or annual subscription. Its popular plan starts from $63.23 per user, per month and its enterprise plan starts from $101.28 per user, per month. Basic plans are available but at the cost of limited features. 

Pipeline management

Pipeline management is one of Pipedrive’s core features as a CRM. It’s been specifically designed as a sales pipeline to help teams visualise their sales process. This may be a drawback if you’re looking for something a little more well-rounded.

Pipedrive's pipeline management interface

Workflow automation

Pipedrive’s automation feature helps eliminate some manual work by allowing teams to set up flows and triggered events. You can use it to automate the sales workflow. This can help you schedule campaigns to boost customer interaction. You can only access this feature through an advanced plan. 

Email marketing capabilities

Pipedrive has built-in features that allow you to create and send marketing emails all in one place. Allowing users to send, receive, and track emails directly within the platform. You also get access to analytics.

Collaboration capabilities

Pipedrive allows teams to collaborate through features such as shared pipelines and team goal setting. It also allows users to share dashboards with team members, transfer ownership and remove access at any time. For those requiring a little more, there are actions that allow you to limit access and editing rights for each team member. 


Pipedrive is great for sales teams, but this can be limiting for teams outside this business function. So you’ll have to invest in another tool for them which can incur additional costs. And, while Pipedrive is great for SMBs, it might be limiting when it’s time to scale. 

Pipedrive’s pricing and plans

Let’s take a closer look at what features you get access to at each tier. 


Pipedrive’s essential plan costs $14.90 per user, per month. This gives you access to basic features such as:

  • Pipeline view, customizable pipelines, fields, and activities
  • Deal rotting, activities and activity logging, calendar view for activities
  • Contact, calendar, Google Drive sync, and access to the marketplace with 350+ apps and integrations
  • Email sync with major providers, email templates, and email open and click tracking
  • Basic chat and email support, sales assistant, and security features


Pipedrive’s advance plan costs $24.90 per user, per month on an annual subscription. It includes

everything in the essential plan, and:

  • More advanced email features including one general availability link for the scheduler
  • Smart Contact Data and important fields
  • Group emailing and scheduled emails


Pipedrive’s professional plan costs $49.90 per user, per month on an annual subscription. It includes everything in the essential and advanced plans, and:

  • Unlimited teams and custom permission sets
  • Enhanced reporting and insights, including multiple insights dashboards and revenue forecast reports
  • Full access to Smart Docs, requiring no additional charge for this add-on


Pipedrive’s power plan is their newest offer and costs $64.90 per user, per month. It includes everything in the previous plans. And:

  • Enhanced security preferences, unlimited reports and customizations
  • Offers double the number of automation per user compared to lower plans


Pipedrive’s enterprise plan costs $99 per user, per month. It provides all features without limits and is designed for large-scale business needs.

folk vs Pipedrive

Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about Pipedrive. 

How steep is the learning curve to get started with Pipedrive?

Beyond the Kanban board feature, Pipedrive’s workflows and automation are not intuitive to use. Expect a bit of a learning curve.

Is Pipedrive affordable?

Pipedrive is not the most affordable CRM on the market. Its sales-driven nature as a CRM will mean that you might need to invest in an additional platform for other business functions. 

Can you use Pipedrive as a generalist CRM?

Pipedrive was designed for salespeople, for salespeople so it will have limited functionality for teams outside this remit. 


While Pipedrive is great for sales teams, it can be limiting for those looking for a more well-rounded CRM. folk’s flexibility means it can adapt to different functions of your business, including sales, recruitment, investment, and more. Making it a better choice. Try folk today, free