How Sparkmate optimizes all their client relationships using folk

Sparkmate is a venture studio, building tomorrow’s breakthrough products with ambitious entrepreneurs, today! With folk they’re able to build strong relationships with hot leads, centralize their investor network, and manage networking events.

Aggregating contact lists and keeping them up-to-date

The Sparkmate team’s top priority is building strong relationships with potential leads, entrepreneurs & investors. They started with Airtable, but it quickly became hard to maintain their database manually.

“With Airtable, we had to create everything from scratch, everything was very manual and needed a lot of DIY with custom integrations to build the tool the way you want. For instance they don’t allow you to manage multiple values fields for emails and phones, which was really annoying” said Morgan Pelissier, CEO & co-founder

After switching to folk, the team made use of the Google integration to sync their Gmail, importing and centralizing all their contacts. Now their CRM is always up to date, with the latest contact being imported in real time after any calendar event or email received.

Previously, it was hard to maintain a clean database with multiple teammates working on it at the same time. That’s why Sparkmate loves how folk automatically detects duplicates in a workspace to be merged.

Communicating with contacts on a day-to-day basis

By making folk their single source of truth, it’s now easy for the team to maintain a high level of engagement with their investor network and the entrepreneurs they work with.

Using Messages by folk, Sparkmate CEO Morgan can send ultra-personalised emails to their investor list every week on the latest deals. Plus all his teammates can collaborate on message templates.

Sparkmate are also organizing events for their long term sales strategy, and using folk to manage the guestlist and send invites. Yes, all of this in one tool!

“We don’t want to see our contacts as deals or clients, but as relationships where you need to build trust. We’ve always worked with Word of Mouth and no marketing policy, that’s why we wanted a tool to manage relationships and not clients. And folk is exactly answering this need”.

Track & follow-up

Sparkmate track their leads with the most up to date data on folk: owner of the contact, status, next steps. By tracking interactions they know when it’s the best time to get in touch.

Customization has been key to optimizing for their various use cases. The team has created custom pipelines to treat their leads as one-to-one relationships and not impersonal deals, and to manage their events invitations.

“It wouldn’t make any sense to manage our events in a sales pipe on Pipedrive”.