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February 27, 2024

Best CRM for Facebook leads

Discover folk - the CRM for people-powered businesses

Looking for a way to capture the leads you generate from Facebook Lead Ads?

A robust CRM can support you with lead management. Good ones can go a step further and allow you to segment your contact lists so you know exactly which campaign they came from, and set up an email sequence so you can start engaging with them effectively.

In this blog post, we unpack five features you should look for in a CRM that can help you manage your Facebook leads. We also look into the top four CRMs, their key features, and their pros and cons. So that you can make an informed decision.

5 features to look for in a CRM to manage your Facebook leads

Facebook leads ads integration: Choose a CRM that is able to automatically capture leads from your Facebook ads and page interactions. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and speeds up the follow-up process.

Lead management and segmentation: Opt for features that organize and segment leads by specific criteria like demographics, enhancing lead tracking efficiency.

AI support:  Leverage AI to save time by allowing you to create prompts that can take information from your database to level up your personalization game. This is particularly useful for personalizing email campaigns to multiple recipients.

Email marketing and sequencing: Having access to your email marketing tools directly in your CRM is especially useful, as you’ve got all the contact lists readily available. Sequencing helps to automate responses so that you can effortlessly trigger any immediate responses to the right email journey. 

Customization and scalability: Customization can be a game changer. Look for options that allow you to tailor the CRM’s functionality to mimic your sales process and integrate with your favourite platforms. Scalability ensures that it can handle increasing lead volumes and complexity as your business grows.

Top 4 CRMs for Facebook leads

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is known for its generous free forever plan and powerful marketing suite. It gives you access to features such as ad management, email marketing, a live chatbot and more.

Key features

  • Ad management: Enables targeting and tracking of online ad campaigns, helping to measure ROI and lead score. 
  • Email marketing: Allows you to build your email campaigns directly in HubSpot and automate the process of sending tailored email journeys to engage prospects more effectively with its email sequences.
HubSpot CRM


  • Facebook lead management: Capture lead data easily from your Facebook Lead Ads and Instagram. 
  • Social media management: Publish and schedule posts on a Facebook business page through HubSpot. 
  • Automated workflows: Create custom workflows to nurture your Facebook leads in the CRM. Automate tasks, email campaigns and follow-ups using specific triggers such as an engagement with your Facebook ad. 
  • Analytics and reporting: Get detailed analytics on your Facebook ad campaigns and learn more about its performance and ROI. Understand how to improve lead conversion rates.


  • Price plans: Once you are ready to scale with the support of its full Marketing suite, HubSpot becomes an expensive option. The HubSpot marketing hub plans start from $18 per user, per month for its starter tier. For access to more advanced features, the professional plan starts from $800 per user per month and this goes up to $3,600 per user, per month at enterprise level.


Zoho connects with Facebook so that you have an overview of all the leads and contacts in their CRM and keep track of your conversations. By connecting it to Facebook, you can use it to see  what people are saying about your brand, connect with the Facebook Ad manager, schedule new posts and get notified about live audience engagement.

Key features

  • Zoho Social: Allows you to automatically capture new leads from Facebook marketing activities and send data directly into the CRM with notes on the source.
Zoho CRM


  • Manage Facebook Ads in Zoho: Using an extension for Facebook Ad management, you can see your campaign information in Zoho and compare results from campaigns with sales. 
  • Automate lead generation: Set up triggers that capture leads and contacts from your interactions such as someone liking your page or posts.


  • Limited support depending on subscription: 24/7 support is limited to Enterprise companies and SMBs.


folk is an all-in-one CRM loved for their Notion-like design. They’ve become a firm favourite for many who appreciate that it doesn’t require new users to go through a steep learning curve. folk is perfect for businesses that are looking for a CRM that can support multiple business functions from fundraising to sales, recruitment, partnerships and more. 

folk all-in-one CRM

Key features

  • Zapier integration: Connect folk and Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier in moments. Use it to capture leads from your Facebook campaigns directly into your CRM.
  • folk X: Get access to your CRM from anywhere on the web. Import search lists into your CRM from LinkedIn and individual profiles from anywhere on the web without leaving the page.
  • All-in-one platform: Allows you to nurture business relationships across multiple functions including fundraising, sales, marketing, recruitment and more. 


  • Pipeline management: Customize your pipeline so that it can mimic your sales or hiring cycle. Use it across multiple business functions and choose from a Kanban-board style that lets you drag and drop contacts or listicles.
  • 1-click enrichment: Missing contact information? folk can help you find emails in just one click.
  • AI support: ‘Magic Field’ allows you to create custom prompts that leverage data you have in folk so that you can use a variable to generate this information in an email. Saving you time while helping you add that personal touch that goes beyond {First name}.
  • Email marketing: Create email sequences and design email campaigns in folk.  Use ‘Magic Field’ to send personalized messages to multiple recipients. Monitor your open, click-through and bounce rates without leaving the platform.


  • A reporting feature is not available yet, but is coming soon.


Freshworks CRM gives you access to a Facebook integration. You can use it to automatically capture leads, respond to messages and keep an eye on your social media campaigns. 

Key features

  • Facebook Messenger feature: Respond to Facebook queries directly in Freshmarketer.
  • Social media campaigns: Design and manage social media posts from your CRM.
Freshworks CRM


  • Custom audience: Ad targeting option. Helps you automatically create an audience list and target them with relevant ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Automated workflows: Automate repetitive tasks such as sending follow-up emails, assigning leads to sales reps, and moving leads through the sales pipeline based on predefined triggers.


  • Complicated set up process: Expect to block out time to set up, although instructions are provided in the help centre. It seems to be a long and complicated process. 

How to integrate folk with your Facebook Lead Ads

It’s easy to integrate folk with your Facebook Lead Ads. All you have to do get started is: 

  1. Choose the right folk subscription for you.
  2. Install Zapier as a third party application.
  3. Follow this link and the on-page instructions to create your first workflow.


Even though there are a lot of strong contenders on this list, folk is a firm favourite for businesses who need a CRM that can support their marketing and sales functions. Thanks to their Notion-like experience, busy teams won’t have to block time out to train people to use it. 

Moreover, with its Facebook Lead Ads integration through Zapier, folk offers a unique solution that can effortlessly align with your internal sales workflow and support your marketing team. Try folk today, free.