April 24, 2024

Best CRM for data enrichment 

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Have a lot of missing fields to fill in your B2B contact data base? Looking for a way to speed up your data enrichment process on your quest for accurate contact data? A CRM is not only a handy tool to automate your data enrichment services. It also acts as a customer database with data enrichment, it means your contact information will always be up-to-date.

In this blog post, we explain what data enrichment is, benefits of data enrichment and best practices when it comes to filling in missing contact information. We also reveal the best CRMs that provide the best data enrichment software. 

What is data enrichment?

Data enrichment lets you populate contact details through third-party sources without leaving the app. It can fill in the missing gaps when it comes to email addresses, company, job title and URLs. It can also help you enhance the information you already have about a business contact. 

This means that if you already have existing information about someone such as their:

  • First name, last name
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • Company name
  • Company location

Data enrichment would be able to enhance this information and add the following:

  • LinkedIn profile link
  • Company headcount
  • Company location
  • Company industry

The benefits of CRM data enrichment

There are a lot of benefits to be reaped. Especially if you find a CRM that has a built in data enrichment platform. From saving time to minimizing interruptions to your workflow, we look into a few benefits below.

1. Boost productivity and save time

It can be time consuming to manually keep someone's customer data and company data up to date. Especially if you're not sure they have social media profiles. Automating this means that you'll be able to get access to good external data points and get the time back to focus on actionable insights.

2. Better lead scoring and outreach

You can't build meaningful customer relationships if you've got access to inaccurate data sets. Bad data can influence your lead scoring and marketing efforts. Data enrichment can give you access to enhanced customer information in no time so you can get some valuable insights from your data types.

3. Improve customer experiences

Good data quality can help drive sales and customer experiences by enhancing your understanding of customers and potential customers. This way, you can provide a more personalized experience which is useful whether you're in sales, marketing or customer service.  

4. Informed decision making

If your sales teams gets a lot of leads, having access to relevant information can help them make a more informed decision on who to prioritize. If you're an early stage startup, you can also use the added information you get from data enrichment to help build a picture of your ideal customer.

5. Uninterrupted workflow

The biggest benefit of having a CRM enrichment feature is having all your contact information in one place. On top of the ability to enrich anyone's contact details. This means your team will have access to all of the relevant data without having to continuously switch context each time they need to do any data cleansing or enriching. That's more time back for the top priorities for your business needs.

Data enrichment best practices for B2C and B2B companies

New data is often created as people move jobs, across country or get promoted. Below are two easy to follow best practices when it comes to data enrichment so you can stay up to date.

1. Don't make it a one time update

Whether or not you're after B2C or B2B data enrichment, make sure you get in the habit of blocking time out to use the data enrichment tool daily. This way, if a contact changes jobs and their email addresses, job titles and phone numbers change along with it, you're likely to have all the up-to-date information you need.

2. Don't do it manually

Apart from being time consuming, enriching data manually can also take you away from high priority tasks and lead you to poor external data sources that could be outdated. That's why using a data enrichment tool to automate this process is the best way forward to get accurate third party data. Useful for both your sales team and marketing teams.

Top 3 CRMs with best data enrichment tools


Best for: all-in-one CRM

folk is an all-in-one CRM that can help you nurture business relationships across several key business functions including sales, marketing, recruitment, fundraising, investing and more. It's loved for its Notion-like features making it one of the easiest CRMs to use on the market. They've partnered with Apollo.io, Dropcontact and Clearbit to bring their users best in class data enrichment software directly in the CRM.

folk can store contact information from multiple databases
Get an overview on multiple databases directly in folk


  • 1-click enrichment: Expect access to all your contact information and easy one click data enrichment tool so you have everything you need at your finger tips.
  • Pipeline management: Choose from a listicle view or Kanban-board style and customize the pipeline to align with your unique internal sales cycle.
  • Contact management: Create unique lists and have oversight
  • Contact sync: Sync all your contacts from multiple platforms into folk including Gmail, Outlook and social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Mail merge: Create sequences within folk and make use of their AI function 'Magic Field' to save time while personalizing every touch point.
  • Price and plans: Annual subscription starts from $18 per user, per month for a basic plan and goes up to $29 per user, per month for a premium plan. There's also a monthly subscription available that starts from $24 per user per month and goes up to $39 per user, per month. An enterprise plan is available for larger teams.


  • Reporting is not available in folk yet, but it's coming soon.
Data enrichment in folk
Data enrichment in folk
Import search lists from LinkedIn directly into folk without leaving the page
Import search lists from LinkedIn directly into folk


Best for: Sales teams

Zoho is a CRM platform with a strong sales support features. It can hep with sales process management, workflow automation and journey orchestration. There are also some features that supports marketing teams including event management and customer segmentation.

Zoho CRM


  • Sales-driven contact management: Provides a dashboard for sales and support teams to keep an eye on support tickets that come through.
  • Built-in sales assistant: 'Zia' helps to predict sales and write emails.
  • Data enrichment: Choose which fields you want to enrich, or choose to deactivate the data enrichment feature altogether.


  • Complicated data enrichment process: Users need to use Zia to access their data where they can choose which fields will be mapped with their Zoho CRM and are subject to a monthly limit of data enrichment.
  • Sales-centric user experience: Zoho's UX is easy to understand if you have a sales background, but might require a steep learning curve if you're brand new to sales as you need knowledge on sales cycle, forecasting and pipelines.
  • Price and plans: Annual standard price plan starts from $14.55 a month per user, and goes up to $51 a month per user. There are four options to choose from depending on what your goal is. Bundles are a more advanced option for those who want full integration and comes in two different tiers. A premium bundle comes in at a steep price of $57 a month per user.


Best for: G-mail users

Not one for Outlook users, Copper CRM leverages your Google Workspace and turns your Gmail inbox into a CRM.

Copper CRM


  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrates with other platforms including Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sheets and Gmail accounts.
  • User friendly: For anyone using Gmail for their business, Copper provides a lightweight CRM that is easy to use for those familiar with the Google interface.
  • Track deals: Get an overview of sales activity from your inbox and prioritize leads by value amounts.


  • Limited to Google: Copper's specialism keeps Outlook users out of the picture.


Automating your data enrichment process can help you save time and create an uninterrupted workflow. Especially if you invest in a CRM where you can store all your contact information and keep these up to date without having to continuously switch context.

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