May 30, 2024

8 high ticket sales trends to watch out for in 2024

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High ticket sales are difficult to master without the right strategy in place. Especially as it requires a longer ticket sales funnel compared to low ticket sales. As we move into 2024, sales professionals must adapt to changing consumer expectations and economic environments. From the integration of technology such as AI to new customer engagement strategies, understanding new trends will be crucial for those looking to make a significant impact in this competitive field. In this blog post, we unpack common trends amongst successful high ticket sellers you can adapt into your sales strategy.

8 high ticket sales trends in 2024

Out of the eight trends, one of the strongest trends emerging amongst high ticket sales is the need for personalization across all your touch points with potential customers. One common theme is clear: the need to leverage technology.

1. Leverage personalization at scale

In 2024, your personalization strategy needs to go beyond {First Name}. High-ticket sales thrive on creating a personalized experience for each potential buyer. Use social media and data analytics to understand customer behaviors and preferences, then tailor your interactions to meet their specific needs and desires. Implement tools like CRM systems that provide insights into customer interactions, which can be used to customize your sales pitches and follow-ups effectively.

Tools we recommend:

  • SparkToro to understand your potential buyers behavior,
  • folk CRM to use their AI feature 'Magic Field' to personalize at scale.
Spark Toro
SparkToro is an audience research platform
folk's AI feature uses data you have on a potential customer to help you save time personalizing outreach

2. Focus on building strong relationships

Relationship building is key when it comes to high ticket clients. These sales are far from transactional and require multiple interactions over an extended period of time. Focus on building genuine connections with potential clients through regular engagement and by showing consistent interest in their specific needs. Networking events, personalized emails, and follow-up calls are excellent tools for strengthening these relationships.

Our top tip:

Leverage your CRM to keep up to date with details such as when you last interacted with someone, which event you met them at and more. These small things can add that personal touch when you're building rapport with someone and can make them feel valued.

3. Use an all-in-one CRM

Keeping up with the longer sales cycle a high ticket product requires can be challenging for any sales team. You want to prevent your potential customers from getting sales calls from different reps, and something to keep your team up to date with common sales objection you get as well as how far you are from your team's goals to achieving that higher profit target.

Our top tip:

Use folk to keep up with your high ticket items. It's highly customizable so it can create multiple sales cycles that reflect your high ticket and low ticket product cycles.

folk for sales
Have a listicle view of all the business owners your team has contacted and create notes on their pain points all in folk.
folk all-in-one CRM
Or create a Kanban board view to show your sales pipeline that can be customized depending on the ticket offer or ticket closing type.

4. Leverage social media

Knowing where your ideal customer profile will hang out is key with this trend. LinkedIn is likely to have a lot of high ticket buyers and key decision makers that you'll want to be aware of for your sales process. You can use LinkedIn to build a personal brand and also do some deep market and client research.

Our top tip:

If you're an early stage startup Founder, building in public is a trend that you might want to consider. You can share stories of why you got started, what you're passionate about and experiences along the way.

Our Co-Founder Simo, on LinkedIn

5. Demonstrate social proof

Building trust is crucial for high value sales ticket offers. Leverage social proof through testimonials, case studies, and reviews from other satisfied customers, especially those in similar sectors or with comparable needs. Depending on your location, product or service, you may want to look into creating an account on Trustpilot or G2. Your sales reps will also be able to use the testimonials as social proof to share with potential customers.

folk on G2

6. Build a personal brand

Part of demonstrating social proof is how strong your personal brand is – sharing the right content can help you attract the right buyer persona. You may want to build a strong personal brand on the social media platform your potential customers are likely to hang out on and use your posts to share thought leadership notes, news relevant to your industry or high value products. A strong personal brand can elevate your value proposition.

7. Become an expert in your field

Customers purchasing high-ticket items often require more convincing and expect a higher level of expertise. They seek assurance that they are making the right decision. On top of features and benefits, you'll want to be well-versed in any potential drawbacks and other competitors they might be considering.

8. After-sales support

With high ticket customers, the relationship doesn't end after the sale. A higher price point demands good customer support so it's no surprise that part of your sales tactics should involve ensuring that there's a post-purchase support system in place. Depending on the type of high ticket products, this might include customer support, training, onboarding and maintenance. Make sure your clients know who their point of contact is if they have any urgent pain point or customer service needs.


Succeeding in high-ticket sales in 2024 demands a blend of traditional sales acumen and modern techniques tailored to the change of customer behavior especially in B2B. But by focusing on personalization, expertise, relationship building, and leveraging technology like a CRM platform, can help no matter what your price tag is.

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