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Using an AI-based email checker and corrector before sending an email offers several benefits:

Improved Writing: An AI-based email checker can help identify grammar and spelling errors, ensuring your email is professional and well-written.

Enhanced Clarity: The tool can suggest alternative word choices or sentence structures to improve the clarity and effectiveness of your message.

Time-Saving: By automatically highlighting and suggesting corrections, an AI-based email checker can save you time in proofreading and editing your emails.

Error Prevention: It can catch and flag potential mistakes, such as incorrect names or missing attachments, helping you avoid embarrassing or costly errors.

Professionalism: Using an AI-based email checker demonstrates your attention to detail and commitment to clear communication, enhancing your professional image.

Confidence: With an AI-based email checker, you can have confidence that your emails are error-free and polished before hitting the send button.

These benefits contribute to more effective communication and can help you make a positive impression when sending emails.

Use folk to check your emails in bulk before sending them

folk lets you check multiple emails in bulk & then send them in bulk, all-in-one place

1. Create a magic field

Magic fields are AI-based fields you can create in folk to generate custom data for your contacts, such as a fundraising email, taking into account custom investor information (name, your company, etc)

2. Fill the prompt

Fill the prompt in order for the AI to check the grammar and spelling of the emails for you

3. Generate magic field

Just click on generate and AI will generate the custom information you have asked for

4. Get results

Review the results in a table format and change them as you wish

5. Use them in an email

Leverage the data you have generated to send an email directly from folk

6. Track results

Track open, clicked and replies all in one place on folk