CRM Alternative
to Mailchimp

Mailchimp works great for sending newsletters to a generic audience, folk works better for building and nurturing relationships

Interact with contacts, not subscribers

folk's contact page is purpose-built for managing contacts, including reminders, comments, interactions and company details

A contact page on folk

folk offers a clear, purpose-built contact page

A contact page on Mailchimp

Mailchimp offers generic fields for newsletter use case

Manage relationships,
not an audience

Contacts are enriched, deduplicated, and made more actionable with relationship insights

A contact list on folk

folk lists relationships

A contact list on Mailchimp

Mailchimp provides a static audience database with static fields

Keep your contacts lists alive, not dead

folk automatically synchronizes interactions and contacts in real time

A contact page on folk

folk automatically imports all your interactions with your contact's details

A contact page on Mailchimp

Activity feed on folk

Mailchimp only provides emailing rates, not contact updates

Send emails and follow-up in the same tool, no need to export to a CRM

Follow up on your contacts after sending them customized emails,
in bulk

Follow up with your contacts with folk

folk lets you collaborate on message drafts as a team and send in bulk

Follow up with your contacts with Mailchimp

Exporting a CSV to a CRM tool is the only way to activate contacts with Mailchimp