May 9, 2023

Partnering like a pro: how Slite uses folk for winning partnerships

Teresa Lee
Content marketing manager

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Slite is a knowledge base for teams to keep docs up-to-date, fill in knowledge gaps, and find answers instantly using AI. Partnerships are key to their marketing strategy and Elisa, Partner Marketing Manager at Slite, has found the perfect way to manage them with folk.

Centralizing contacts in one place on folk
Tagging contacts on folk

Setting up for success

In our ever more connected world, building partnerships is an essential part of doing business, especially online. When Elisa first started her role, her tool of choice for managing partnerships was a no-brainer.

“When I started at Slite, one of the first things I did was implement folk,” Elisa says, having discovered the tool on her own a short while before. “Otherwise things would have got messy really fast! It’s so important in my role to build strong relationships with brands and partners, and I can’t afford to not remember something a partner said (such as their child’s favorite ice cream, or an interesting place they visited recently). folk makes it so easy to properly document and track things, and therefore nurture great relationships.”

Elisa started by syncing her Google account to folk, thanks to the integration, meaning she can manage all her emails and contacts in one place, and have an overview of all interactions.

“I was able to set up folk quickly and play around on my own, without needing to talk to multiple people and go through a lengthy onboarding presentation, thank goodness!” Elisa adds.

Importing contacts from LinkedIn

A live, actionable database of partners

“The ecosystem for partnerships is not always full of modern tools,” Elisa comments, “but folk has really filled a gap in the space.”

Using the folk’s Chrome extension, Elisa can import entire lists of prospects from LinkedIn and Twitter with just a click.

Once the contacts are in folk, she can build her database of potential partners and companies, tagging them according to their specific specialties, from influencers and content marketers to affiliates.

“The level of customization is unmatched by anything else I’d used before,” Elisa enthuses. “For example, in my content marketing contacts I have sub-classifiers, such as product tool, or productivity and collaboration, engineering tools, etc.”

One of Elisa's favorite features of folk is the ease of contact cleanup, with folk automatically detecting duplicates. “I used to spend entire nights on cleanup projects,” Elisa recalls, “removing duplicates, sorting complicated hierarchies between companies and individuals… with folk all that noise is gone.”

Setting up a pipeline on folk
Managing a pipeline on folk

Building partnerships, at scale

For targeted prospecting campaigns, Elisa imports CSV files with companies to reach out to. Then, using Messages in folk, she creates an email template and sends out bulk emails to the entire list, making sure each email is personalized thanks to variables.

Tracking partnership processes is simple for Elisa, who makes use of folk’s drag-and-drop Kanban views: “I love the pipeline view, it’s so easy for me to keep track, and I make sure to set reminders to follow up with prospective partners so they don't fall through the cracks.”

As well as automatically syncing all emails and calendar events in her Gmail, Elisa also loves that she can manually add interactions.

“This is especially useful for me during in-person events,” Elisa says. “When meeting people in-person, I can use the mobile version to add a new contact, and immediately log the interaction I had with them at the event, so any interesting tidbits I learnt from them doesn’t get lost in the activity of the day.”

Overall, Elisa highly recommends folk for anyone looking to create winning partnerships: “With folk, it has become much easier to build relationships at scale. Chef’s kiss!”

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