November 7, 2023

Exploring LinkedIn Integration with Pipedrive and Beyond: Your Options for Seamless Integration

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Fed up with your data living across multiple platforms?

Integrations are third-party applications that allow you to personalize everyday tools so that you can have access to all your data under one platform, such as your favourite CRM.  The right integration can also help you seamlessly sync your data across multiple platforms into one place so you don't have to scratch your head and wonder what that password was. Really good ones can help you streamline your workflow process and save you time.

In this blog post, we'll explore the top 3 ways you can integrate LinkedIn and Pipedrive, and a better alternative.

How to integrate LinkedIn with Pipedrive

LinkedIn is home to a lot of contact information that can help you with building relationships.

Getting all your LinkedIn contacts, LinkedIn data, and information from LinkedIn conversations into one platform can be hard. This can result in a lot of struggle if you often end up trying to figure out exactly who you met last week at an event, or which investor you have yet to contact for a fundraising round. That's where a CRM comes in handy.

Unfortunately, there isn't a Pipedrive integration Linkedin can use directly from the Chrome web browser, that's built by Pipedrive themselves. It gets a little complicated to get LinkedIn and Pipedrive syncing without installing another application such as LinkedIn automation tools like Zapier and Bardeen while incurring additional expenses. Let's look into these below.

3 ways to integrate LinkedIn with Pipedrive

Just in case it isn't obvious – even though these tools will help you with your LinkedIn outreach and generate more leads, you'll have to consider price plans for a CRM separately. So it can get expensive, fast.

Dux-Soup LinkedIn automation service

Dux-Soup automation tool

Dux-Soup is a popular LinkedIn automation tool that can help you automate your lead generation and follow-up tasks. It can also connect to the Pipedrive CRM platform and has a Chrome extension tool.

With Dux-Soup, you can visit LinkedIn profiles, automatically send connection requests and personalized messages, and export data to Pipedrive. However, it is a lead generation tool, not a CRM. So you'll have to purchase a separate CRM which will incur an additional cost. There may also be an integration cost for this.

Leadleaper LinkedIn lead generation tool

LeadLeaper lead generation tool for LinkedIn

LeadLeaper is a LinkedIn lead generation tool that allows you to generate leads in bulk, export them to Pipedrive directly, and automate your lead follow-up. There is also a Chrome extension tool, built to help you find email addresses. With LeadLeaper, you can search for prospects using LinkedIn's search criteria and extract their contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers. You can then export these leads to Pipedrive and automate your outreach using email or SMS.

Bardeen productivity automation tool

Bardeen productivity automation tool

Bardeen is a productivity automation tool that stands out for its ability to integrate and automate tasks across various web applications directly from your browser. Designed to streamline repetitive tasks, Bardeen can be activated with simple keyboard shortcuts, allowing users to effortlessly perform actions like creating a new Pipedrive contact from a LinkedIn profile, associating emails with deals, or generating notes on the go. With its emphasis on working where you do—within the browser—Bardeen offers a seamless user experience for managing workflows and connecting with popular web apps such as Google Calendar, Sheets, Gmail, and Jira.

Introducing folk and folkX: the ultimate LinkedIn integration tool

Instead of having everywhere and having to deal with separate price plans, the faff of multiple platforms and potential integration nightmares, get a CRM that does all the heavy-lifting for you. After all, isn't that the point of a CRM system?

folk all-in-one CRM system

folk is an all-in-one CRM platform loved for its Notion-like simplicity. You can use it as a personal CRM, or as a business-related CRM where you can gather information and collaborate easily with your team.

It has multiple use cases across sales, recruiting, fundraising, partnerships and investing projects. Making it a firm favourite amongst fans.

Some key features include:

  • Pipeline management
  • AI support for bulk email campaigns and an all-in-one emailing tool so you have everything at your fingertips
  • Access to an integrations library to help you personalize it to your needs
  • A powerful Chrome extension called folkX that can help you import profiles and search lists from anywhere on the web in moments

folkX lets you import contact information across multiple social media platforms directly into its CRM in a single click so that you can have everything in one app.

With folkX, you can have all your LinkedIn contacts, companies you're interested there and follow, LinkedIn messages and full search lists in one place so that you can build contact lists and share these with your team. We've got a detailed guide on how you can use folkX to build your own CRM system.


Integrating LinkedIn with your CRM can dramatically improve your sales process, leading to more efficient prospecting, enhanced lead nurturing, and a streamlined communication process. However, using a separate automation tool defeats the purpose of having a CRM to drive everything to one platform.

Through folk, folkX offers an unparalleled integration experience for both sales teams and other functions of your business like marketing, recruitment, investing and more. Making it the top choice for maximizing your LinkedIn potential.

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