Product improvement
April 10, 2024

Introducing, the message templates tab

Bid farewell to friction with templates management

Being able to use templates for your most common conversations saves you time and ensures quality service no matter what part of the process your potential client is in. But with your help, we identified friction to making the most of them.

In recent conversations, we heard:

  • You lacked a dedicated space for managing your templates
  • It took a while to scroll and find the message you were looking for
  • The UI could be simpler, so it was clear where to edit and create new templates

We’re happy to introduce the new message templates tab—and bid farewell to friction!

  • In the “Messages” view, you’ll see a new “Templates” tab that houses all of your most common conversations
  • Take advantage of the new “Search” bar to quickly find a template, so you don’t have to scroll
  • Then, click to edit an existing template
  • Or, hit the “New template” at the top-right to write a new message template and assign it to the right group

Use your templates to personalize and send messages directly from folk. Or take your templates with you—folkX Chrome extension brings your templates to LinkedIn and Gmail so you can start conversations without starting from scratch.

Sign in to folk to try it out now.