Feature release
March 8, 2023

folkX for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Our folkX extension now works on LinkedIn Sales Navigator! It's never been easier to add your prospects to your CRM.

1 - folkX for LinkedIn Sales Navigator: our folkX extension now works on LinkedIn Sales Navigator! It has never been easier to do prospection and add your prospects in a few clicks to your CRM.

2 - New Get Started section: we just added a new element in your Help section: a Get Started guide with 1 min videos on how to setup your account! Just click on the question mark down right to access it. Link here

3 - Contact creation improvement: now when you create a new contact, you can easily find the right company to link to the contact through suggested enriched companies.

4 - Copy/paste all fields: you can now easily cut, copy and paste all fields in your table views (companies, tags, owners, text etc…)

5 - New quick action: log an interaction manually on a contact, is now available through quick actions for you to log any interaction in 1-click without opening the contact.