June 6, 2022

The secret tricks eFounders uses on folk to get its startups in the press

Alessia Armenise
Brand & Content manager

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Sending press releases, following up on scheduled articles, remembering journalists' birthdays... dealing with press and influencers can be tricky and time-consuming.

Sarah Barron, Content Manager at eFounders, uses folk to easily centralize, organize and personalize their press contact list – making communication easier and faster and helping their team, and the startups they launch, craft successful press campaigns.

Build your press relations as a team

Collaboration between team members is pivotal when it comes to reaching a goal. In addition to managing the press relations for eFounders, the studio's press team also coordinates press launches for the startups within the eFounders ecosystem so having a single source of contacts is extremely important to keep each team in the loop.

Once you upload all your contacts into folk, you can add tags to identify different categories – such as influencers, bloggers, journalists, and YouTubers – to better streamline your team's work.

"For any major communication campaign, entrepreneurs at eFounders can leverage a network of journalists and influencers that we have built over the years and that is constantly updated by us. We classify the contacts by media type, location and expertise so we can select the right target for a specific purpose. We then use folk to launch any communication campaign so that everyone in the team can follow the advancements of discussions with journalists and influencers." (Sarah Barron, Content Manager at eFounders)

Nurture your press contacts through personalization

folk allows you to work with your team to make sure your PR strategy is as personalized and effective as possible. On folk, teams can easily cooperate in the same network and add important information like the best person to contact a specific journalist, past in-person and social media interactions and even the level of importance of a contact in relation to a certain project.

"The most useful feature for me is the comments. When I add a new contact, I always mention a few pieces of information about the person. For example, I specify which subjects they usually cover and I add any relevant article that they have recently written so I can use this information when I reach out to them and reference their work in my email. folk allows us to document our contacts interactions so when we go back to write an email we can really craft a personalized message and always know what kind of relationship we have with that specific contact. " (Sarah Barron, Content Manager at eFounders)

Organize your workflow to never miss a chance of getting press coverage

eFounders manages numerous press campaigns so having a clear structure in place is pivotal to reach their goals.

You can create a custom view for any new press campaign you and your team manage and keep all contacts, interactions and outcomes in a single hub.

"The fact that folk is super customizable makes my life a lot easier. Thanks to views and custom fields I can truly follow one project from start to finish on a single workspace. I love that all the interactions that we have ever had with a contact are all stored in folk – emails show up in real-time and the information is kept there for you, which makes managing contacts and relationships very easy." (Sarah Barron, Content Manager at eFounders)

folk is there to help you get your message across. Learn more about using folk for PR here