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How to Schedule a Reminder on LinkedIn

Unless you have access to LinkedIn’s Recruiter plan, chances are you can’t use LinkedIn’s reminder feature. 

Fortunately, folk has a reminder feature that you can easily make use of. In this blog, we show you how.

Using folk to schedule a reminder

If you’re using LinkedIn, you’re probably looking to build effective business relationships. Using a CRM such as folk alongside the world’s largest online networking platform is a good place to start. 

The first step to using folk as your CRM requires you to export your LinkedIn contacts. We walk you through all the steps you need to take in this blog

Once you’ve got that set up, you can now list and view your contacts by categories. folk allows users to set multiple reminders for each contact. You’ll be able to refine these further and set a due date, and description of the reminder, and set it so it repeats daily, weekly or annually. 

If you’re using folk in collaboration with your team, you’ll also be able to pick which of your teammates you want to be notified. 

Where to visualize your reminders

Once you set up your reminders, you can see them separately per the contact’s profile you’ve set them up for, or, you can visualize all your upcoming reminders in one place using the table view. 

On the day you’ve set your reminder, you will receive an email notification directly in your inbox. This will be sent to you at 9 am in your local time. But be aware that this is the default time the notification will be sent.

You can use our reminders feature for internal events such as keeping track of birthdays or recurring meetings such as 1:1s. It can also be used for external touchpoints such as when someone’s free trial period ends, or a monthly follow-up with your client.


Not everyone has access to (or the budget for) LinkedIn’s recruiter plan. But, folk allows users to make the most of LinkedIn’s free plan. Exporting all your contacts into a CRM such as folk will help you streamline the way you build business relationships. It’s easy to set up and allows you to set up individual reminders that you can visualize in one place so that you know exactly when to pick up where you’ve left off.