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Hey first name,

Hope you’re having a safe and productive day of week.

I was reading up on some review posts about company and I identified a few pain points you guys are currently facing.

For example, mention a specific pain point of the prospect briefly.

Prospect’s company looks like a great fit for our team here at {company} and I’d love to get a clear idea of what your goals are for these coming months.

We have often helped companies in your niche grow. To mention a few:

X Company name – solution

Y Company name – solution

Z Company name – solution

Let me know if we can set up a call to chat further.

I look forward to hearing from you :)



🦠 Let’s fix that {pain point} for {organization}

One of the most effective b2b lead generation strategies is identifying an issue that your prospect has that you can help with. This cold outreach email template won’t feel so cold with that level of personalization, by Respona.

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