Best Google Sheets alternative for contacts

Google Sheets is great for generic records,
folk is better for managing contacts.

Interact with contacts, not records

folk's contact page is purpose-built for managing contacts, including reminders, comments, interactions and company details

A contact page on folk

folk offers a clear, purpose-built contact page

A contact page on Google Sheets

Google Sheets provides generic cells, nothing specific for contacts

Manage relationships, not databases

Contacts are enriched, deduplicated, and made more actionable with relationship insights

A contact list on folk

folk lists relationships

A database on Google Sheets

Google Sheets provide raw data, without any insights related to contact

Keep your contacts lists alive, not dead

folk automatically synchronizes interactions and contacts in real time

A contact page on folk

folk automatically imports all your interactions with your contact's details

A contact page on Google Sheets

Update a contact manually in Google Sheets

Reach out to your contacts directly, no need to export in CSV

Send bulk messages to a group of contacts, personalize individual messages, and collaborate on emails with your team

Sending an email from folk

folk lets you collaborate on message drafts as a team and send in bulk

Sending an email from Google Sheets

Exporting a CSV to a mail merge tool is the only way to activate contacts