folk vs Mixmax

Mixmax is great for sales emails, folk is better to build relationships.

Interact with contacts, not cold leads

folk's contact page is purpose-built for managing contacts, including reminders, comments, interactions and company details

A contact page on folk

folk offers a clear, purpose-built contact page

A contact page on Mixmax

Mixmax offer basic information around contact

Send personalized emails, not cold emails

Send bulk messages to a group of contacts, personalize individual messages, and collaborate on emails with your team

Sending an email from folk

folk lets you collaborate on message drafts as a team and send in bulk

Sending an email from MixmAx

Mixmax email builder is basically Gmail

Follow up with contacts, don’t wait for open rate

folk allow you to track and follow-up with each contacts
in a pipeline view

Follow up with a contact on folk

folk display a pipeline view, with reminders and comments to follow up

Follow up with a contact on Mixmax

Waiting for open rate on Mixmax, not that easy to follow-up with leads