Feature release
January 10, 2023

No strings attached!

folk now allows editing of First Name and Last Name fields in the table view, attaching files and images to messages and comments, with a maximum file size of 25MB.

1- First name & Last name fields: FN & LN are now editable fields in the table view. You can now edit them directly from the cell, without needing to open the contact.

2- Attachments & images in messages: you can now attach any file to messages sent through folk (max file size is 25MB). Just drag & drop, or use one of our apps to search for your file. You can also add images inline in your messages. Upload your own or use our handy integration with Unsplash to search thousands of beautiful free images.

3- Attachments & images in comments: you can now attach any file in a comment on a contact’s profile. Whether a resume or an investor deck, just upload the file onto your contact’s profile. If you want to add a nice image to illustrate your notes, you can do so, too!

4- folkX revamp: the extension now stays open on the right side, until you decide to close it. You can also now view interactions with your contacts from the extension, and we added a neat button “Add to folk” to LinkedIn profiles to make it even faster to access folkX.

Other improvements
  • Import companies: you can now import a file of companies directly into your groups in folk.
  • Import custom fields: when importing a csv file with custom fields, you can now create these fields in folk immediately during the import (NB only for text custom fields).