Feature release
July 12, 2023

Messages improvements

Messages, folk’s all-in-one emailing and follow-up toolkit, has had a big refresh!

1- Send 5,000 emails per campaign

2- Insert variables via the toolbar: When writing an email, you can insert variables with a new button in the toolbar.

3- Display avatars: When creating a new email campaign, you can view the avatars of the recipients in the “To” field.

4- New actions toolbar: it’s easier than ever to follow-up on campaigns with a new toolbar of actions that you can apply to multiple contacts in one go.

5- Add links to emails: you now have the option to add links in emails with a brand new button in the toolbar.

6- Improved analytics: Get even more detailed information on your email campaign performance, with the ability to see delivery rates, opens, clicks, and more.