Feature release
November 23, 2023

Make integrations great again!

Introducing actions and triggers on Make.com so you can build powerful integrations scenarios

Connect 2000+ tools to folk with Make.com integrations. The possibilities are endless

  • Celebrate with your team on Slack when a deal is won on folk (folk <> Slack)
  • Send contacts to MailChimp to send out your Newsletters (folk <> MailChimp)
  • Send contracts to your contacts whenever they reach a certain stage in your folk pipeline (folk <> Docusign)
  • Add Typeform respondants answers to a group in folk
  • Add new Calendly meetings participants to a group in folk
  • Add new leads in Webflow to a group in folk

More infos using these articles about triggers and actions. Make is invite-only for now, reach out at folks@folk.app for access.

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Other improvements

  • Display today's date on date pickers
  • Block options to send a campaign that is saving changes
  • Make sure deleted users private groups aren't counted in workspace total contacts
  • Add quick actions on shared views fields (open url, send email, etc)
  • Add "Description" field by default on all contacts
  • Make table views first column selectable