Feature release
February 23, 2023

Log an interaction

folk now allows manual logging of interactions on contact profiles, both online and offline. Users can log the time, date, name, and description of the interaction on the Interactions tab & folkX.

1 - Log an interaction: you can now manually log interactions on your contacts’ profiles (for both online & offline interactions such as a coffee, phone call, DMs on twitter etc…). Just go to your contact of choice, select the Interactions tab, and click “New interaction”. There you can log the time, date, name and description of your interaction. It also works through folkX.

2 - New quick action: you can now quickly open your contacts’ favorite link from the quick actions

3 - Contact fields management: you can now easily change the primary (favorite) email, phone, URL of your contacts, simply by marking them with the star ⭐️

4 - Enrich all: you now have the ability to click on the “enrich all” button from your groups, to enrich the whole list of contacts at once (it is limited to 100 contacts in total)

5 - New sharing process: when sharing a group, you now have a more clear modal to choose who you will share to this group with

6 - Address added through folkX: the location info on LinkedIn & Twitter profiles is now added through the extension in the address field

7 - Messages improvement: we now display cc and bcc in the Message analytics.