Feature release
January 16, 2024

Email sequences

Meet Sequences, your email automation

folk now combines the activation power of email automation with the flexibility of our CRM. This means you can:

  • Automate multi-step email flows: Add up to 10 steps in your Sequences and include as many different senders as you want
  • Save time with AI: Leverage AI, and your existing data, to draft customized emails at scale
  • Nurture deals with personalized emails: Use custom variables to add a human touch to your emails and move opportunities forward
  • Stay in context while you work: See a history of your past interactions by opening the contact profile in side peek view — without leaving the Sequences builder
  • Track outreach analytics: Have visibility into which emails were delivered, bounced, replied to, and clicked on
  • Engage and visualize your pipeline all in the same tool: Seamlessly track contacts across pipeline stages based on their engagement with your Sequences