Feature release
September 25, 2023

Automatic contact categorization

folk detects contacts which seem like they belong in the same group, and suggests these to you

1-Auto-detect and grouping of contacts: folk will detect and suggest groups of contacts for the following categories:

  • Founders
  • Executives
  • My team
  • Investors
  • Journalists

2- Pricing update

A bunch of different updates on $$$

  • Messages limit improvement - limits are now per user - rather than per workspace, meaning an increase in the number of messages overall for all plans
  • Enrichment improvement - if an enrichment attempt fails to find an email address, it is not deducted from your enrichment allowance
  • The free plans limits have been increased to 200 contacts (people & companies) from 100 contacts
  • Custom plans are now available for any workspace in desire to go above limits - just reach out to sales@folk.app for a custom quote

For the full rundown of the pricing updates, check out our pricing page.