Product improvement
February 8, 2024

1-click Enrichment Revamped

Let folk find contact details in one click and make prospecting pain-free

Today we’re relaunching 1-click Enrichment, the fastest way to find a prospect’s contact details including email, company, URL, and job title.

We’ve since changed the pricing model and introduced new partners to improve coverage across the globe including DropContact and, the highly-requested, Apollo.

Our beta testers have already confirmed that V2:

  • Finds way more results, way faster
  • Provides more accurate emails
  • Is clearer about which info has been enriched
  • Only takes credits when data is found

To start enriching your contact lists, you have 3 options. From a group view, you can hit the "Enrich all" button at the top right.

Or, if you’d like to enrich certain people, you can select them individually. The action bar will appear at the center, bottom of your screen showing you how many contacts you have selected. Once you’re ready to enrich, you can hit the “Enrich” button on the action bar.

You can also enrich contacts while you're in prospecting mode. Simply use the folkX extension as you would in LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and anywhere else on the web. From the Side Peek view, when looking at a contact’s profile, you can hit the “Enrich” button to enrich contact details.

Whether you’re chasing a closed-win, a partnership launch, or your next round, every opportunity starts with finding and sending that first email.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign in and try it for yourself.