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June 30, 2023

The Top Angel Investors in the Middle East

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Are you a startup or business looking for angel investors in the Middle East? Look no further. We have gathered a list of the top angel investors in the Middle East to help you with your search. These investors have the funds and the expertise to help you scale your business and make your dreams a reality. Get the list of 300 angels here.

folk list of top 300 angel investors in Middle East

In this post, we will highlight five angel investors from the list and provide you with five steps on how to reach out and pitch them for investment. Keep reading to learn more.

Angel investors active in the Middle East

Here are some highlighted profiles from the list above.

Photo of angel investor Alexander Abasheev

Alexander Abasheev

Alexander Abasheev is a venture capital investor and founder of Addventure Fund. He invests in companies at the early and growth stages, providing them with the capital and support they need to scale. With a keen eye for promising opportunities, Alexander actively invests in early-stage ventures, playing a pivotal role in their growth and success. His deep understanding of market dynamics, coupled with his strategic insights, allows him to identify high-potential startups across various sectors. Alexander's diverse investment portfolio reflects his wide-ranging interests and commitment to fostering innovation.

Photo of angel investor Hasan Abo-Shally

Hasan Abo-Shally

Hasan Abo-Shally is the founder of Shally Group and an angel investor with a keen interest in the Middle Eastern startup scene. With a passion for supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, Hasan actively invests in early-stage ventures, providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to flourish. His strategic insights and industry expertise make him a valuable mentor and advisor to the startups he backs.

Photo of angel investor Dr Ola Abu Al Ghaib

Dr. Ola Abu Al Ghaib

Dr. Ola Abu Al Ghaib is an experienced investor and entrepreneur with a particular focus on healthcare startups in the Middle East. With a deep passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, Dr. Ola actively invests in early-stage ventures, propelling them towards success. Her extensive industry knowledge and strategic insights make her a sought-after mentor and advisor to budding entrepreneurs. Dr. Ola Abu Al Ghaib's unwavering support and dedication continue to shape the Middle Eastern startup landscape, inspiring and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Photo of angel investor Erhan Acar

Erhan Acar

Erhan Acar, Managing Partner at Zerobird Ventures, has many years of experience investing in startups, particularly in the technology space. With a strong passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, Erhan actively invests in early-stage ventures, providing them with the necessary capital and support to thrive. His strategic insights and industry expertise make him a valuable asset to the startups he backs, guiding them towards success. Erhan's diverse investment portfolio showcases his keen interest in various sectors and his commitment to fostering disruptive ideas.

Photo of angel investor Ran Achituv

Ran Achituv

Ran Achituv is an entrepreneur and investor, known for his investment in the music streaming startup, Anghami. His deep industry knowledge and strategic insights make him a valuable advisor and mentor to the startups he backs. Ran's diverse investment portfolio reflects his diverse interests and commitment to fostering entrepreneurship. Through his contributions, Ran Achituv continues to play a vital role in shaping the Middle Eastern startup landscape, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their visions into reality.

How to reach out to angels and pitch for investment

Reaching out to angel investors can be a critical step in securing funding for your startup. Here are five top steps to consider when reaching out to angel investors:

1. Research and Identify

Start by researching and identifying angel investors who have a track record of investing in startups within your industry or niche. Look for investors who align with your business values and goals. Import them all into your CRM with a click using this handy Chrome extension.

2. Craft a Compelling Pitch

Create a concise and compelling pitch that highlights the unique value proposition of your startup, the problem it solves, and the potential for growth. Tailor your pitch to address the investor's interests and showcase how your business aligns with their investment strategy.

3. Build Relationships

Networking and building relationships with angel investors can be crucial. Attend industry events, startup conferences, and pitch competitions to connect with potential investors. Leverage your existing network and seek warm introductions to increase your chances of getting noticed. Check out some fundraising templates here.

4. Make a Personalized Approach

When reaching out to angel investors, make your communication personalized and specific. Address them by name, mention any common connections or shared interests, and explain why you believe they would be a great fit for your startup. Tailor your message to show that you've done your research. With folk you can send bulk emails to entire lists of investors, which are ultra-personalized (automatically) to each recipient.

5. Follow-Up and Persistence

Follow up with angel investors after your initial outreach. Be respectful of their time but show persistence and enthusiasm for the opportunity to connect further. Demonstrate progress and milestones achieved since your initial contact, providing updates that showcase the growth and potential of your startup. In folk you can set reminders and set up pipelines in a few seconds to track your fundraising process.

Remember, each angel investor is unique, so tailor your approach to each individual. Building relationships, showcasing your business's value, and maintaining professionalism and persistence can significantly increase your chances of securing funding from angel investors.


Angel investors are an attractive alternative to traditional sources of funding for startups and entrepreneurs. They provide critical investment, along with strategic support to help startups scale and grow in competitive markets. In this piece, we have highlighted five angel investors in the Middle East and provided five steps you can take to reach out and pitch them for investment.

Remember, it is critical to research each investor's investment interests and goals, attend events to network, contact them directly, and follow-up periodically with progress updates. For a more efficient way of keeping track of the entire process, a CRM like folk is the ideal tool to help you to success.

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