June 30, 2023

The Guide to Angel Investors in India: Get the full list

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The Indian startup ecosystem is thriving, and angel investors play a crucial role in helping entrepreneurs turn their visions into reality. Here is a comprehensive list of angel investors active in India.

folk list of Indian early stage angel investors

Angel investors provide much-needed capital to early stage startups and, in exchange, receive a share of the company’s profits. But where can entrepreneurs find angel investors in India? And how should they go about pitching their startup ideas? This guide offers all the information you need to get started on your journey towards finding the right investor for your business, and how to pitch to them.

Angel investors in India

Here are five of prominent angel investors in India:

Photo of angel investor Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal is a prominent Indian angel investor and serial entrepreneur with an impressive track record in the startup world, including appearing on Shark Tank. As the founder of several successful ventures, including Shaadi.com and People Group, one of India's largest online matchmaking companies, Mittal has a keen eye for identifying winners.As an angel investor, he has invested in companies such as Ola, CarTrade, and BlueStone. Anupam has a deep understanding of the business landscape and a keen eye for identifying potential. With his strategic investments, he supports and empowers early-stage startups, helping them scale and achieve success.

Photo of angel investor Anand Chandrasekaran

Anand Chandrasekaran

Anand Chandrasekaran is an entrepreneur-turned-investor who has founded and exited several successful companies. With prior experience at Yahoo and Snapdeal, he has grown to become a respected angel investor in India. Chandrasekaran is a prominent Indian angel investor known for his exceptional expertise in the tech and startup space. With a deep passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, Anand actively invests in early-stage companies, providing them with the necessary guidance and support to thrive.  His portfolio includes investments in companies such as Instamojo, Better Mortgage, and Playment.

Photo of angel investor Ritesh Mali

Ritesh Mali

Ritesh Mali is an accomplished Indian angel investor with a passion for fueling innovation and supporting promising startups. With a keen eye for disruptive ideas, Ritesh actively invests in early-stage ventures, playing a crucial role in their growth and success.  A trained physician turned investor, Malik focuses on healthcare startups. He is the founder of Innov8, which provides co-working spaces, Malik's portfolio includes Ixigo, IvyCamp, and BeatO.

Photo of angel investor Zishaan Hayath

Zishaan Hayath

Zishaan Hayath is a highly regarded Indian angel investor and entrepreneur known for his dynamic contributions to the startup ecosystem. With a strong belief in the transformative power of technology, Zishaan actively invests in early-stage companies, fueling innovation and driving growth. His sharp business acumen and strategic insights have been instrumental in guiding numerous startups to success. As a co-founder of Toppr, one of India's leading edtech companies, and a former Managing Director of Portea Medical, Zishaan brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to the ventures he supports. He has invested in several companies such as Ola, ZoomCar, and eCourierz.

Photo of angel investor Varun Alagh

Varun Alagh

Varun Alagh is the founder of Mamaearth, which focuses on organic baby care products. He invests in companies that focus on solving societal problems, such as GetMyParking and Baby Destination. With a remarkable knack for identifying disruptive ideas, Varun actively invests in early-stage ventures, providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to thrive. His passion for innovation and deep industry knowledge have earned him a reputation as a sought-after mentor and advisor.

How to pitch angel investors successfully

Now that you're familiar with some of India's top angel investors let's dive into how to pitch to them successfully.

Step 1: Research Thoroughly

Research potential angel investors to identify those who align with your industry, stage of development, and investment preferences. Understand their investment focus, previous investments, and any specific criteria they may have. This knowledge will help you tailor your pitch to their interests and increase your chances of success.

Step 2: Be Concise

Craft a concise and compelling pitch that grabs the investors' attention from the start. Keep it clear, focused, and easy to understand. Explain your business idea, market opportunity, and unique value proposition succinctly. Avoid overwhelming investors with unnecessary details and jargon. Make sure your pitch is easily digestible and memorable.

Step 3: Highlight Traction

Investors want to see evidence of progress and growth. Highlight key milestones, customer acquisition, revenue, partnerships, or any other traction your startup has achieved. Show them that your business has momentum and potential for further success. Demonstrating traction will instil confidence and generate interest among investors.

Step 4: Address the Problem

Clearly articulate the problem you're solving and why it matters. Use data and market research to back up your claims and show that you understand the pain points of your target customers. Explain how your solution stands out from existing alternatives and why it is well-positioned to address the problem effectively. Investors are more likely to be interested in startups that solve real problems.

Step 5: Show Passion

Investors not only invest in the idea but also in the entrepreneur behind it. Showcase your passion and commitment to your business. Explain why you are uniquely qualified to execute the idea and highlight your relevant experience, skills, or domain expertise. Demonstrate your drive, enthusiasm, and determination to succeed. Your passion can be infectious and make a lasting impression on investors.

Remember to tailor your pitch to each individual investor, leveraging the research you've done. Practice your pitch to ensure it flows smoothly and confidently. Be prepared for questions and feedback, and always follow up with gratitude and any requested information promptly.

Using a CRM tool like folk can help keep your pitch process streamlined and organized, saving you valuable time and energy.


Securing angel investment can be a challenging but incredibly rewarding endeavor. With their experience and industry knowledge, angel investors can help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life while providing the funding necessary to make it all happen. By following our steps and researching India's top angel investors, you'll be on your way to joining India's thriving startup ecosystem.

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