A single source of truth for your team's contacts

All your contacts

Just connect your email accounts and Folk will synchronize your contacts for you. No time wasted.

Smart clean-up

Our built-in intelligence removes duplicate and junk contacts so that your team’s data is free of any clutter.

Always in context

Conversations are automatically pinned to relevant contacts in real-time. Know what was said last, and when.

Bring order and value to your contacts

Sort contacts

Find space for your team’s relationships by organizing them into groups.

Edit contacts your way

Customize contacts with the data that matters to you. Add custom fields, tags, descriptions, and more.

Customize display

Pick what fields to hide and show.

Map relationships

Finally a place where you can see how your team’s contacts are linked to one another.

Put your contacts into action

Share contacts

Share groups of contacts with members of your team and easily control access.

Collaborate with your peers

Keep everyone aligned with comments. Ask for introductions, assign owners, and more.

Build actionable views

Use tags and filters to create the lists you want. Retrieve the right contacts for when you need them.

Powerful as a CRM

Simple as a spreadsheet

Built for

Your contacts don't belong in a heavy CRM. folk is easy to use and customizable as-you-go.

Integrated with communication tools

Just emailed someone new? Just received a new calendar event? They're automatically added to your folk.

Search anyone, blazingly fast

Find anyone you're looking
for. In a matter of seconds.
Replaces for managing contact lists
Google Sheet

No bullshit when dealing with your data

Verified by Google

We completed an external security audit to keep our users’ data safe.

Advanced permissions

Keep control over what you share.

It’s your data

Contact data is incredibly valuable. You own it. We won't sell it or use it.