500 Startups

San Francisco
500 Startups is a global venture capital firm with a network of startup programs for founders, mentors, and investors.
Fund location
San Francisco
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500 Startups

Fund type
Venture Fund
Portfolio companies
AngelList, Mahmee, Pipefy, MURAL, OhmConnect, Tripscout, Goldbelly, Algolia, IRL, CircleCI, StackShare, LottieFiles, Mercury, Eaze, Iterable, Blavity, Cushion, ShardSecure, Mayvenn, Massive Bio, Tribal Credit, Reddit, Babylist, Improvado, Synapse, AutoFi, Thinknum, Kin Insurance, Platzi, Onclusive, Firefly, Headout, App.io, Vouch Insurance, BillionToOne, FightCamp, Spring Labs, The Muse, NoRedInk, UpGuard, ManyChat, Butlr, Ash Wellness Inc., Blueboard, Bespoke Post, Asaak, Ethic, UXCam, Elevate Labs, MoBagel, Arcade, Vungle, Womply, Privy, Lumanu, Earable, LE TOTE, Vivoo, Enter, BloomCredit, Play Piper, ikas, Mashvisor, SidelineSwap, LawTrades, Remoov, AppOnboard, Talkdesk, Trash Warrior, Hyphen, Mobile Action, 360VUZ, Emburse, MyTime, Aizon, Productfy, Zero Hash, Gamerjibe, Cloud Academy, MonkeyLearn, Float, Zentist, Kiira Health, Hamama, LeadGenius, Printify, Metadata, ShearShare, Hinge, EasyKnock, Embroker, Comparably, Tradesy, Favor, Epic, ProducePay, Common Living, StyleSeat, Pilotly, Strateos, AnyRoad, SpotHero, Snapsheet, Qualio, Mars Reel, Apptopia, Trend, CompStak, Keen, Territory Foods, Noodle, Studypool, Rize, EME Hive, Jones Software, Aprende Institute, Fooda, Astronomer, EcoCart, Chipper, MyHealthTeams, Hedron, Slidebean, Contently, Creative Market, Odiggo, Indio Technologies, Maestro Interactive Inc, Genomelink, Moxie
FinTech, Healthcare, Information Technology, Marketing (MarTech), SaaS, Sales Automation, Software, B2B, Collaboration, Enterprise, Energy, ClimateTech & CleanTech, Travel, Delivery, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, CloudTech, Apps, Entertainment & Media, Developer Tools, PaaS (Platforms), Productivity Tools, Computer, InsurTech, Cannabis, Consumer, Marketplace, CRM, Community, B2C, Cybersecurity, Beauty, Mobile, RetailTech, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML), Big Data & Analytics, BioTech, Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals, Parenting, Advertising (AdTech), Transportation, PoS (Point of Sale), PropTech, EdTech, HR Tech, IoT (Internet of Things), Customer Service, Health & Wellness, Hardware, Wearables & Quantified Self, Service Industry, Quality Assurance, Consumer Goods, Emerging Markets, E-Sports (Gaming), Creator Economy, Life Science, Fashion, Legal Tech, Professional Services, Logistics, Market Research, Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Cryptocurrency / Blockchain, Infrastructure, Events, FemTech, Manufacturing, Risk Management, AgTech (FarmTech), Robotics, Sports, RestaurantTech, SpaceTech, Telecommunications (TMT)
Seed, Series A, Series B
Main partner
Edith Yeung

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