November 8, 2023

A guide to Chrome extensions for CRM: Pipedrive Chrome extension alternatives

Chrome extensions can do wonders to streamline your workflow to upgrade your Chrome browser. Especially if you have a favourite tool you want easy access to. We've got something for everyone in this list. Whether you're looking to capture an email address, or a new lead quickly. We paid special attention to Pipedrive Chrome extension alternatives because it's not been updated in 2021.

The top sales-driven Chrome extensions


Surfe Chrome extension

Surfe's Chrome extension was designed to help sales and revenue teams with their sales process by providing access and editing-rights to their CRM from anywhere.

Use it to

  • Keep your contacts updated.
  • Access pipelines from LinkedIn and add contacts to your CRM.
  • Edit CRM fields.


HubSpot Sales is a Chrome extension that allows you to track and log your emails sent from Gmail. You'll need a HubSpot account to use the extension, but you have the option of accessing it via their free plan. If you're looking for a premium plan, HubSpot often comes out as one of the most expensive on our list. Users have also reported issues with the extension slowing down their Chrome browser.

Use it to

  • Schedule emails, dig deeper into your email analytics and log messages to your CRM straight from the heart of your Gmail inbox.
  • Book meetings by syncing it with your Google calendar
  • Share email templates with your team and get analytics to see which one performs well.

Copper CRM for Gmail account

Copper CRM Chrome extension

Copper's Chrome extension is embedded into Google Workspace (previously G suite). It works by turning your Google inbox into a CRM. You'll need a Copper account to use it, but will only get a 14 day free trial that does not require a credit card.  

Use it to

  • Create and update leads directly from Gmail or Google Calendar.
  • See all your conversations, files and tasks in one place and connects emails to its records.
  • Stay organized by setting reminders.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM's Chrome extension is another one for Gmail users. You can use it to create new leads and contacts directly in Gmail, create deals and notes and add tasks, events and log calls for customers. However, users report that it can be challenging to choose which user on an email thread you want to add to the CRM.

Introducing folkX: The ultimate Chrome extension for customer relationship management

folk X Chrome extension

folk X is a Chrome extension that has been deliberately designed to help users streamline workflow processes so that they can import contact information straight into the folk CRM without leaving the browser they're on. Use it with their CRM, folk, to make the most out of it. It's an all-in-one CRM loved by sales team, venture capitalists, partnerships, small businesses and more. There is a free forever plan limited to 100 contacts and they provide excellent customer support.

Use it to

  • Access email templates with a single click.
  • Eliminate manual data entry thanks to its ability to import search lists from LinkedIn, and individual profiles.
  • Extract a search list from LinkedIn in moments.
  • Extract individual contact profiles in one click.
  • Import contacts directly from your Gmail.
  • Extract your Gmail contact data seamlessly.
  • Import contacts directly from social media channels such as Instagram, X (Twitter's new name).
  • Build actionable lists that you can then share collaboratively with your team to keep all your new contact information organized.
You can use folk X to access your saved templates

How to install and use folkX

  1. Get started by creating a free folk account
  2. Download the Chrome extension
  3. Keep the Chrome extension pinned to your extension bar by clicking the extensions drop-down menu and clicking the pin icon next to folk
  4. You'll now see an 'add to folk' button whenever you visit a contact's LinkedIn profile, or at the bottom of your LinkedIn search list.


There are a lot of useful Chrome extensions out there. But there aren't many who are able to help you import search lists whether you're using LinkedIn's free plan, or Sales Navigator. The great thing about folk X is that you can use it to complement however you decide to use folk. Whether that's as a personal CRM, or as a CRM for all your relationships. You can also use it to boost your sales, recruiting, fundraising, partnerships and investing-focused goals. Try it out for yourself, for free. Go on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a Chrome extension that complements your CRM?

A good Chrome extension should help provide a seamless integration between your CRM system and your web browser.

The best-performing Chrome extensions often give people access to their favourite features without having to leave their browser and in just a few clicks.

How do you choose the right CRM for you and your team?

Cost, compatibility, and scalability are often the main factors of consideration. We find that most businesses want a CRM that can grow with them. To help you make an informed decision, we have an extensive library of CRM comparisons. It unpacks the functionality of each CRM and compares and contrasts user experience, price plans, integrations, contact management and more.

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