Make the most out of your relationships.
Your network is your net worth, so they say. Make the best out of your relationships thanks to this template!

Centralize people you meet and want to stay in touch with from any source (email, LinkedIn, social media, spreadsheets). 
Keep track of relevant information such as your how and where you met them, your next catchup date or their expertise.

Structure your follow-ups into a pipeline - leverage reminders to easily spot any interesting catchup opportunity and custom fields to personalize your outreach. 
On top of this, you can access anytime your interaction history and notes so you’re always up to date for your next conversation and never miss an opportunity.

Custom fields included:
  • Connection date
  • Intro made by
  • Expertise
  • Next catchup date
  • Status (Just connected, To catch-up, Meeting soon)

Views included:
  • Network list (table view)
  • Network pipeline (table view)
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