Deal flow management

Secure deals with a flow that adapts to you.

As a VC, you need to keep track of many conversations happening with multiple companies overtime. It’s easy to lose track.

From sourcing to due diligence, this template allows you to centralize, keep track and follow-up with every company in your radar.

Easily centralize information on your deals, such as location, industry, status and more. From here, move your deals in the pipeline every time there is an update in the process. If needed, connect folk to external tools to do so.

Prepare your outreach and follow-ups directly on folk, thanks to our email campaigns and reminders.

Give a maximum visibility to your team, leveraging notes, comments on deals and sharing your interactions.

Custom fields included:

  • Geography
  • Industry (SaaS, Tech, Marketplace, Consumer, B2B, AI, Crypto, Deeptech, Blockchain)
  • Status (To contact, Contacted, In touch, In process, Due diligence, Deal closed, Deal lost)
  • Stage (Early Stage, Serie A/B/C, Seed, Scale-up)
  • Assignee
  • Deal value

Views included:

  • List of companies/deals (table view)
  • Investment pipeline (pipeline view)
Pipeline view
Table view
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