Podcast invitees management

Source & manage your list of invited guests, for successful podcasts.
Source potential guests on LinkedIn (and other channels) for your upcoming podcasts, add them in 1 click with our folkX extension to centralize them in folk.

Keep track of any relevant data such as their expertise, insights on the topic, availability etc…
Reach out to them with personalized email campaigns to invite them to your upcoming podcasts. Manage your pipeline, to streamline your process and get ready for d-day.

Follow up after the episode. Send thank-you notes from folk to your podcast invitees and ask for their opinions and feedback. Track their input in folk, for future invites.

Custom fields included:
  • Expertise
  • Insights
  • Other podcast participation
  • Availability
  • Preferred format
  • Feedback

Views included:
  • Sourcing (table view)
  • Invitation pipeline (pipeline view)
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