Fundraising pipeline

Keep all your funds in one place to secure your next fundraising.
Fundraising just got less painful with this template!
You can use it to centralize all your potential investors, whether it’s VCs, Startup studios or other.

First, get a clear overview of all your, in simple and customizable tables. You’ll be able to add your contacts directly from anywhere:
- LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other website with our Chrome extension
- A spreadsheet (Notion, Airtable, XLS or Google Sheet)
- Add them as you meet them with our Gmail integration

Then, track relevant information thanks to our custom fields, (such as location, preferred sector, portfolio companies and main contacts) to ensure maximum customisation when it’s time to reach out to them. 
You can easily send your first pitch and follow-up emails directly from our platform, thanks to our email templates, and track your performance on them (opening rates, clicks on links or bounced emails).

Stay on top of your relationships and you’ll close your next round!
Custom fields included:
  • Geography
  • Fund type (Family Office, Venture Studio, VC)
  • Status (To contact, Pitched, To follow-up, Signed, Money in bank)
  • Stage (Early Stage, Serie(s) A/B/C, Seed, Scale-up)
  • Investment sector
  • Portfolio companies
  • Main contacts

Views included:
  • List of funds (table view)
  • Funds pipeline (pipeline view)
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