Experts list

Find and leverage the best minds to help you get to your goals.
Having a directory of experts might come handy when you need external help.

Centralize all your contacts from your preferred source (LinkedIn, email, social media) in this list so that next time you need, you’ll just pick from here.

You can track relevant information such as the expertise field, the best communication channel and the availability. Create and use email templates to make sure your communication is punctual and structured, and leverage reminders to track progress and follow-ups.

Custom fields included:
  • Type of expertise (Tech, Recruitment, Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Growth, Management, Finance)
  • Type of partner (Freelance, Coach, Part-time, Full time)
  • Preferred contact channel (Email, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Phone)
  • Availability
  • Deal type 
  • Status (To contact, In contact, Contract signed)

Views included:
  • List of experts (table view)
  • Status pipeline (pipeline view)
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