Co-investors list

Keep track of investments with your co-investors.

Keep up to speed with co-investors by using this template. For each fellow investor, keep track of all their essential info: type of investor, type of investment, expectations etc… to create a clear investment strategy with all of them.

Establish and maintain clear communication with all co-investors. Keep your relationships active and warm by logging your latest interactions, and reaching out to them with ultra-personalized bulk emails.

Stay organized and keep track of all investment data. This way, you can effectively manage the co-investors and their investments.

Custom fields included:

  • Type of investor
  • Type of investment
  • Interests
  • Expectations
  • Goals
  • Co-Investments
  • Money invested
  • Status

Views included:

  • List of co-investors (list view)
  • Investment pipeline (pipeline view)
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