New email

🤝 Answer some questions for an incentive

It’s {Name}, {Role} at {Company}.

I’m reaching out to a few of our {newest, oldest, top, etc.} customers to better understand your experience with {Company}.

Would you be up for a 45-minute chat this or next week? We'll give you a {incentive} for your time.

The conversation will be with our customer researcher, Hannah (copied on this email).

1. You don’t need to prep or bring anything.

2. This isn’t a sales call.

3. There’ll be no trick questions.

4. We’ll send you your {Incentive} right after the call.

There are a few {insert calendar link} times available in Hannah's calendar that you can book directly {insert calendar link}.

But if none of those work, feel free to reply with your availability and we'll set something up.

Thank you in advance. Every bit of feedback helps. :)


🤝 Answer some questions for an incentive

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