Sequoia Capital

Menlo Park
Sequoia Capital is a VC firm that invests in startups in the energy, financial, enterprise, healthcare, internet, and mobile industries.
Fund location
Menlo Park
Date founded
# of invests
# of exits

Sequoia Capital

Fund type
Venture Fund
Portfolio companies
GitHub, Middesk, Ethos, The Boring Company, Glean, Chainguard, CertiK, Mixpanel, Meter,, Thumbtack, Picsart, BuildOps, Grafana Labs, Clipboard Health, Mutiny,, ActionIQ, Maven Clinic, Dia&Co, Domino Data Lab, Watershed, Drift, Truework, Gather, Salt Security, Vanta, Reddit, Dashlane, Mos, Rippling, Sourcegraph, Tecton, Temporal Technologies, Clutter, Rever, Medallion, Found, YouTube, Orbital Insight, Wonolo, Magic, Papaya, Island, Hugging Face, Capitolis, Mad Street Den, LocoNav, Versa Networks, Lilt, Fireblocks, Silk, Glossier, Front, Observable, Dolls Kill, Cohesity, Thatgamecompany, Stairwell, NimbleRx, Biofourmis, Streamlabs, Crew, Verkada, Noom, Productboard, Kingdom Supercultures, Elevate Labs,, Kneron, Joro, The Wing, Remote, ThousandEyes, Gong, Graphiant, Pace, Entos, Blues Wireless, Decent, Plus, Threads, Lattice Engines, Census, RideOS, Lugg, Percolate, Quidd, Avalanche Technology, Quantum Circuits, Inkling Systems, Monad, Viptela, Vise, Landis, Knowde, Namely, SafeBreach, strongDM, Finix Payments, NEXT Trucking, CloseFactor, Clever, Brud, Evernote, Skiff, Empower, Loom, CopyAI, Modern Meadow, Untapped, StreamNative, Alto Solutions, Aalto, Bright Money, Notion, Docker, Strava, Alkira, Seaplane IO, Bigeye, Otter,, Pocket Gems, Faire, The Org, Keen, Figma, Skyhigh Networks, Stemcentrx, Elementl, Faraway, Cortex, Mira, Cockroach Labs, SignalWire, Houseparty, Weebly, Thanx, dbt Labs, Zipline, Remix, Cobalt, Prelude, GenEdit, Callin
Advertising (AdTech), AudioTech, ClimateTech & CleanTech, Healthcare, E-Commerce, FinTech, RestaurantTech, Life Science, Manufacturing, Marketing (MarTech), Mobile, SaaS, Telecommunications (TMT)
Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C, Series D
Main partner
Marie Klemchuk

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