Founders Fund

San Francisco, California
Founders Fund is a venture capital firm investing in companies building revolutionary technologies.
Fund location
San Francisco, California
Date founded
# of invests
# of exits

Founders Fund

Fund type
Venture Fund
Portfolio companies
Niantic, The Boring Company, Branch, Socotra, BuildOps, Material Security,, IRL, Ayar Labs, BitPay, Ondo Finance, Built Robotics, PsiQuantum, Elemy, Gecko Robotics, Workrise, SWORD Health, Bolt Threads, Bungalow, LeafLink, Flock Safety, Collective Health, Datavant, Carrot Fertility, Density, Found, Sundae, Up&Up, Hadrian, Quora, Dover, Settle, ZenBusiness, Ghost, Quince, DoNotPay, Emerald Cloud Lab, Summersalt, Long-Term Stock Exchange, Searchlight, Tagomi, Supermove, Cargo, Invisibly, Coder, MakeSpace, MADE, Pietra, Mosaic, SmithRx, AirGarage, Exafunction, ISEE, Lula, BuildZoom, Earable, Pathpoint, Boom Entertainment, Perchwell, Balanced, Forward, Pathway Genomics, Persona,, Modumetal, Vise, Seed Health, Workstream, Resilience, Hinge, People Data Labs, Ritual, Daring Foods, Brud, Garner Health, Grabango, Vontive, SESO, Culdesac, GreenPark Sports, Modern Animal, Q Bio, Zinier, OnDeck, Osaro, Kargo, Playbook, Hearth, Faire, The Org, Emulate, Bitski, Replica, Hubble Contacts, Figma, Raise Commercial Real Estate, Tachyus, Stemcentrx, Neurotrack, Onaroll, Open, Clearing, Mobalytics, Mixhalo, Radius Intelligence, Lattice, Accion Systems, Cerby, Run The World, Multiply Labs, Cobalt, Glow
Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Software, E-Sports (Gaming), Construction Tech, Infrastructure, Transportation, Marketing (MarTech), Advertising (AdTech), Apps, Enterprise, FinTech, Information Technology, InsurTech, PropTech, Mobile, SaaS, Cybersecurity, Community, Entertainment & Media, Healthcare, Health & Wellness, Computer, Hardware, Advanced Materials, Cryptocurrency / Blockchain, E-Commerce, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML), Robotics, DeepTech, Medical Device, Energy, HR Tech, Industrials, Marketplace, PaaS (Platforms), Service Industry, BioTech, Fashion, Manufacturing, B2B, Cannabis, Big Data & Analytics, FemTech, Quality Assurance, SpaceTech, Supply Chain Tech, Professional Services, Logistics, RetailTech, Consulting, Legal Tech, Wearables & Quantified Self, Developer Tools, Market Research, CloudTech, Consumer Goods, Collaboration, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer, IoT (Internet of Things), Life Science, Sports, Network Security, Oil & Gas, Risk Management, Telecommunications (TMT), Food and Beverage, AgTech (FarmTech), PetTech, Productivity Tools, Beauty, Hospitality, AudioTech, Consumer Electronics, Events
Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C, Series D
Main partner
Lauren Gross

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